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A or biting leg i guess there's probably some old reason they used a bite lions to see if they were real in the sod ever whenever weird agricultural background this guy comes thinks he's seen it all he has a suspicion of what this stuff isn't he assessing his suspicion i can't wait to see the new marvel comic above the plant the planet eater who goes around hat it does he faced a little bit of it was the accident i it would be funny if he together four you see the video samoan made by they had their kids do the cnn the kid like took out the margarita glass in life is salt at the end of the fvo though so did you like see in your minds i like i'm seeing ships like you know on the ground with like this red trail erupting behind them liquidating your mind's eye when you wrote the scene or how did it come nicknames yeah that was a visual that was again very early though is from back and like the rick harder talks and the the initial thing of it was actually wanted to a big battle and can communicate the the violence of the battle but these are you no know you you don't don't show blood and star wars movies as urgency thirteen movies and so initial thing was i'll win at the amazing to have a movie where the landscaped itself could graphically communicate the violence of the battle um sand will on i'll also the notion that uh the landscape would evolve during the course of the battle the idea that at the beginning it's widened pristine and then it gets scarred increasingly red and the end after the canning goes of blows all the way the way so as justice red hell scape and then as luke comes out and is doing it really aren't coming back into uh the legend that he needs to be and kind of healing of the world the stuff salt snowfalls and trends everything back into pristine white i really like the idea of the landscape itself having a narrative to it there in and worse without all saints with an epa thinking behind us nokes like throw room as well like by have the great red press representation there yet will that was that was.

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