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Gerry McNamara eight six six ninety right I let's quickly go to Lee in Chapel Hill North Carolina Lee high you're in route I ready you're welcome to the show. how can the Democrats have William credence at all with the American red version American people land Russian clues in as it is now and I think that was a bore stuff is golf is out sometime today or tomorrow an hour ago so sure it's the same thing in the Democratic Party your job in a glass war if business apps. well the only reason the only you know go ahead go ahead I don't know hi all they can have any credence how can they possibly accuse Trollope of doing anything ever again I believe closely sure and then lower our three EDS and they ought to be run out of Washington DC I'm tired here instead of the least is accused Perot of everything under the sun. and it's just hello again answer my question how can the American people believe the Democrats again if they accuse trump of anything thank you I well I I look I I agree with you but a significant portion still do. it isn't based on critical thinking now it's your desperation right amount of off it isn't based on the true but they they do they're the political opposition.

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