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This is in the top five. That's not even a thing anymore. Local because long distance calls right no Internet like with the right plan you call internationally for free essentially now so okay so we had eight to five. Let's go now to questions where Akiva answer a question about Robin Rob is going to answer a question a question about keever the so okay like this question. This is This is four Akiva about rob. what Elephant Washing Solution did rob suggests on a Seinfeld podcast it. Was it a build an elephant pool to bathe them in be walking elephant through a car wash trained elephants to spray another spray one another the create a water park zoo featuring elephants. I think the car wash by this honestly is not familiar. I have no recollection of this. I'm going to our wash okay. Play the clip number thirteen so if you could train one of the elephants sprayed with a trunk I think that that would really be the best case now how they do it in the Lakers spit shower kind of yeah well. It's not spit that comes out I mean they pick up the water in their trunk and they spray down. I don't know that doesn't sound so why Genyk although I guess the elephants are not the circus probably just never shower like animals bathe. I don't even know how that works going water. Is there an elephant and then episode. This is very off. We've got a lot of times which which episodes from this this is from this is from the car wash episode the Car Wash the famous rob the famous seinfeld episode Garwin Okay Are you from. It's from the the shower head yeah yeah yeah okay so this is about that they use it to wash the elephants right yeah so they did mention elephants but there's no elephants in the actual the actual episode the high-pressure shower head yeah okay so we're GonNa go to this question now. This is from the seinfeld finale. This is rob. What phrase was written on the shirt that keep wore the day the seinfeld finale aired was visit a serenity now be can't stand you see no soup for you D- Yada Yada Yada he he's had a Seinfeld t shirt? Can I hear the choices one more time. Yes a serenity now be can't stand you see it for you D- Yada Yada Yada gotta say it was no soup for you. No Soup for you play clip number twenty two. It's like you don't even no me because that was the school trip. You didn't have to follow the dress code. You can wear clothes. You didn't have to wear whatever you want so I happen to have a the can't stand you t shirt Jordan shirt with with a book men and I was able to wear my Seinfeld shirt all day the day of the the finale yeah okay well well. Well done good job by you. Yeah sorry about well. I knew that the others who were to close to the finale and that you could get assure may Yada Yada. I feel like a a couple episodes before the finale right or the year before it was only four but this is an old shirt and I am not available online anywhere. There is no can't stand your shirt that you could okay bye okay. I'm very movement in that round no so as to yes and it's still still eight to five. Let's go we just we just spoke okay a little bit about the survivor finales. Let's go. Let's go. I keep saying this is like conditioning. I'm conditioned to talk about survivor. When I go on a podcast because zero you play these fake seasons and you're with us? You're thinking about your fake survivor seasons. I know I know now. I think I'm thinking about the questions. Since then I have to write for for Sunday for the first episode of twist so this is going to be for Kiva who did you guys say it was the biggest mission from the finale and was not even in the deleted scenes. A Mickey be Susan's ghosts see Peterman and Tim wildly Susan's ghost. I'm going to say I don't remember this conversation well. You never talked about citizens. Go as soon as Suelem isky. You said it was the biggest omission Nellie so you don't get a point there and We don't have a clip for that one either okay rob. Why does it keep a give? You Shit Shit on the Seinfeld. Finale podcast was sorry yeah hey hey he's overly down the episode be He's overly positive about the lackluster finale see he's already started another series rewrites before finishing the Seinfeld rematch each d- he proposed the idea of doing another regular podcast with Akiva Po Seinfeld. You please repeat the question sure what does he. Why does Akiva give you shit on the Seinfeld Finale podcast and one more time on the choices yet a he's overly down on the episode be He's overly fairly positive about the lackluster finale see he's already started another series rewatch before finishing this the Seinfeld Rewatch d he pooh-pooh is the idea of doing another the regular podcasts with Kiva Po Seinfeld who I pooh-poohed the idea of doing another regular Rewatch Pike is the Quila Rob Uku the idea of doing another regular? That's the correct answer and say a wartime. You're overly down on the finale episode overly down and be is that he overly positive over. I'm overly positive this is all about you and see is that you've already started doing another. They're serious. We Re Watch. I four finishing the Seinfeld rewatch. I'll guess a okay. Let's clip number twenty five okay. I'm only doing game of thrones. Rewatch did Start Watch somehow got talked into that you literally always I will never do another rewatch. It's too long. It's too much of a command four we engine before we even ended you. Start a new one. I am cest pushing a podcast cast boulder uphill. Yeah I should have known better. I should've known I should've known that one and I will never do another rewatch. Watch podcast again the words that take that to the bank Jordan Kayla guarantee that you were going to win this game and you're and you are trailing by three so we'll that one thousand nine questions to go all of a sudden. I thought we're going to be done in a few alligator. Keep going down twenty nine to play. Yes yeah okay. Let's let's go to. I will never do another unless it's like like five episodes of its fleabag. I hear fleetest except so she's really I'll do scab. That's it. I'm not doing other rewatch yeah. That's it okay so we're GONNA go. We're going to go back to the Chinese. He's restaurant this Akiva. What movie is Rob surprised to hear that sorry? This is. That's that's the wrong question. AKIVA AKIVA really enjoyed Jerry stand up at the end of the episode. What was the topic of his set? Was it a waiting in line at a restaurant tennis. See Cannibalism de the difference between men and women which episode is this. This is the Chinese he's restaurant okay well. It's an insane answer of it's waiting on the restaurant. I'm going to say the difference between men and women okay. Let's clip number thirty. It gets cannibalism yeah. I thought this was funny. Yeah it's it's a little absurd about how the thing about being accountable about. It'd be hard to get some good sleep. If someone's going to eat you yes and he also has a good line about This is good who is this. I remember that line yeah I for the podcast purposes I liked it better wins and goes away. 'cause there's not really much talk about yeah. That was funny. Yeah remember that okay all right that we've gotten to a little bit of a Rut here in a little while I remember for our listener you can always check the show notes and skip ahead to the mailbox. Put it there so the the the next question this is this is for rob. Rob Lowe's introduced podcast with here are two guys who blink what did he say in this podcast is described himself and Akiva.

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