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One minute away from Mark potientially over to son tons. Let's see votes are rolling in on the Twitter poll. Carolina baseball, Jesse Rogers. Hey, let's go celebrity lines Ryan. And let's go to Mark potash over. This cargo sun times. Good morning. Bake bread. How you guys doing? We're doing great. Hey, thanks for taking some personal time and jumping in all your fans love hearing from you. You covered a bears. You're on the big there were the Blackhawks baseball guys. So we can spray to all fields. But real quick. I fellas does anyone recall, and I know you both do the cubs pitcher named Mark. Mike hockey, Mark Heike? Mike. How do you remember him thaws? Well. He was the inspiration for my. What if bell many years ago and Donald fan talk at Goodall eighty nine never fans would keep calling in? Well, you know, what if Murph what is Mike hockey recovers from the busted knee? And what is the goes fifteen and five and Finally, I got so tired of one. If there's what if that I got the one I was thinking Mr Pat edge friend of Mike hockey the other day watching the bears game. Do either of you can you draw this obscure parallel, Mark? Boy, not not at the moment. I can't wait. Thank you peaked. My interest the infamous bat slipped, a tore up how Disney and he was never to sing the cubs. Floated a story this is about twenty plus twenty five years ago. There was a count wheel. That was a lie before the ballpark was opened in the outfield. And actually, he did a backflip strong guy. He landed funny and the knee. So Terry colon his scars that touchdown and fellas he did a backflip. He cleared. Everybody out of the way. I. Maybe it's just being cub fan. I am Martinez with a history of paranoia. Someone like you can walk down and say, hey, kid don't do that anymore and tell them to Mike hierarchies story. Well, that actually would probably be a pretty good idea. But I would have to say worth that Tariq code is in much better shape. Addition to do backflips. Hurry Recode is three code is like five foot six by Kirke was like six foot five linebacker. Yeah. I wouldn't I wouldn't suggest any linebackers do it. But three cone that's kind of who he is. And I guess the bears are just take their chances on that. Well, let's stay. Terry colony exciting. I guess comet tale back all what what do you even call him tailback? What do you call? You know in basketball. They call the guy who plays every position athlete now. They don't go one two three four or five athlete. And I think that's kind of the probably the best designation four to Recode. He really doesn't fit into any one. He's kind of like in basketball today where there really isn't a power forward. Like, we knew in the seventies and eighties. You know, there isn't like even it off guard anymore. Everybody's kind of. And he's kind of this guy who can't get convict wherever he wherever they seem to need him. And in this offense. It's kind of a good point because this offense, I think is actually much better equipped take advantage of what he does. Then they last year when they tried and I think they did a pretty good job. But they didn't max out could we could we call Raymonde terrorists and steal the ultra back and give it back to give it to Tariq Cohen ultra back. Not a bad one is up. Plus, it sounds like a superhero. Well, that's that's that's up. But I think it was that really that really fit Raemaeckers. He actually run up inside. And he had a lot more physical side then to recall recording. I will say he'll run he'll run inside. He he's picking up. He if he's he's a holy he'll go in there. So actually, it's probably not it's probably not a bad kind of moniker for him. The other thing is there's a guy in front of him. He's not going to run away from him. He's gonna try to run them over he thinks he can do it. And I guess the interesting thing about to Recode is he is, you know, with all that said he is kind of a niche guy. He's got to be in the in another offense. He really wouldn't be as effective because you gotta carry he's a he's kind of guy who you kinda you kinda have to zig when the other teams eggs, and that's how a guy like him affective. And like I said this offense is really good at. I think putting him in an open space and in the right positions to to succeed. So definitely an interesting facet. But I have to say not probably not the focal point of the offense at this point. Well, let's augment that a minute. I have great confidence and faith in our listeners. Mark that occasionally there like some Xs and os. Knows. Let's be honest. But so when you get Cohen in the backfield and he runs they used to call circle pattern. Whether they call it now wheel route route. Ten years, you gotta change names to make it sound. Like, they got something new, but just Circolo Murphy changed names to stay a step ahead of us. Coach's cherish their the the knowledge gap. They have a head of us. Deep freezes we've gotten smarter. That's why like defensive tackle becomes a three technique. That's why a middle linebacker becomes the Mike? The will always the wide receivers. Become you know, the X Y used to be just a flanker a wide receiver. Sorry to get off. Hit a nerve. That's why they do. It is to stay a step ahead of us. Colonel Johnny marr the old football cards. Johnny Morris was old football cards at flanker circle pattern. So here's the Xs and os fellas and you can both jump in. So when Cohen lined up in the backfield there as sir deuce. He runs a circle circle around with a tight end is. And then he's back. The linebacker is usually on anyone that does that. But the linebacker cannot keep up. Here's the key with Colin. He's too fast. So all of a sudden the defense they're in a pickle because they've got a linebacker on Cohen. And you know, what happens then he's got thirty yards around the outside. I I can't disagree with them. Although more often today it's going to be there's gonna be a fifth or sixth defensive run. But the thing is you guys can't stay with three cone. That's why he's such a good weapon. Because excellent O's wise, you really it's freeze will player to defend no matter. What personnel? You have on the field. Bear's having to ultimately when they get this offense going or if they get it off is going we'll have an advantage because even matchup wise. It's it's always in favor of the berry through cone on the field because like in now they got to go with six defensive bats, take a linebacker out. Now, if you have Howard lined up or even calling he goes straight forward, they're lightweight now in the seven in the box, right. It sounds good to me, Murph. But you know, the the bears offense is really only been a juggernaut for one week. So I'm I'm not going to get too carried away. Okay. But see the thing is to last year. We saw a little bit of some of the things to recall and can do. But because there were no other weapons it was tough to use those ways this year, they have Robinson who can catch the ball and Taylor Gabriel who can do things and Trey Burton who can go down the seam and catch the ball and catch sideline routes. I think that makes Cohen even more of a dangerous weapon because they have other guys can actually use. So, you know last year, we this was promised to us. In the in the preseason. And we didn't see any of it, of course, because they didn't want to hurt get anybody hurts, but I think slowly. But surely we're starting to see what does offense can look like obviously it was against Tampa. But there are other teams. I mean, Minnesota's pretty good defensive correct me if I'm wrong given up twenty seven points three games in a row. So there are teams out there that are giving up a lot of points. I got a feeling this bears. Offense may not look like it did last Sunday every week. But I think they're going to be as a team that's going to be able to score a lot of points for a fair point. I think it'll be interesting like last year. I think what happened was to recall would flash and teams would adjust to it. And then all of a sudden he would be nothing. Right. This year. I think the whole key to the whole offense. The reason why you hired Matt Nagy is. So that when teams now have seen to Recode what he can do on an offense in this one game. Now when they respond the bears have other weapons better weapons to kind of make them pay for the kind of respond to the response. And and and I think that's why even though I. I said it's only one game. It's still was at least kind of a good indicator of because the way this offense is trending. But I think it's going to be really interesting to see against Miami. You know, because they're going to now defend this. Let's see let's see if the bears have the answer because when Matt Nagy had time to prepare his office has been pretty good. So it'll be interesting to see what happens next Sunday couple of quick final minutes here. Always appreciate some time with a guy. Mark potash Mark every week. This is Wednesday in the hard copy. Fred. Bear own meter or barometer. Sean on meter really should have been Sean Almaden, like your speedometer and the care about. I'm not gonna argue that was thirty years ago. You've got an every week Mark projects upcoming season. You got him at nine and seven, and we won't go through one by one Mark but nine seven the question would be is that enough to win the NFC north boy, the that is that's a great question worse because the you know, the bear if usually that is nuts. So I guess I would have said no, I don't think it will be. No. Gonna play out for both the freezer the Vikings or the Packers. They looked shaky at this point. But the interesting thing will be I think at nine and seven is Kennedy. Do what other no other coach? But since day wants it has been able to do and that is get them in a wild card because one of the reasons why the bears have only been to the playoffs like four times in the last twenty something years is because they've always been it's always been this red hot season that they get catch lightning in a bottle. And they and they and they win the division whenever they've been within a game and getting in trying to get to work on the they've they've never been awhile curtains nineteen Ninety-four under once they're the only team in the NFL Texans who started in twenty two that is yet to there's not been a wildcard in that span. And that's that's one of the biggest reasons why the bears have been a failure in the last twenty years is because they can't they they can have that hot season. Like everybody does a resolve. But they can't win the game. They need to win to just sneak in. And as you know, you look at the Packers all of these other teams nicking in the NFL is is a way to win the soup. Super bowl. It's been proven. It's not just you're not just hoping for a one in a million shot. If you can just get in you can do something and the bears have never been able to do that. So nine seven is actually very interesting records because it'll it'll it'll probably end up being determined. Then they win the game at the end to to get into wild card. And that's something that they've struggled to do. Like, I said in the last twenty five years do tie. What happens if Minnesota and Green Bay? Where's my what if bell? Could you imagine of Minnesota and Green Bay the one in a million again? Anything into the hopper Mark. You're you're getting me a little confused here now. So if they're playing really really well near the end of the season he's supposed to lose a game. So they don't win it outright. Just so they make the wildcard card. I can't remember how I had the season playing out. Didn't really consider the wildcard. When I did that. He just happened to bring up the record. So I brought it up. But but but no, no. Is this team can win eleven while. I'm saying it's over the course of time teams have opportunities to sneak into the playoffs every other team. Does it the bears? Do not why that's why we that's why the bears have had usually three general managers in the last eight years. Bears. Lost that allows another team to sneak in being the way the bears of blown. Either win the division or just sneak into the playoffs. Right. His legendary. I mean, just in the last, you know. Eight to ten years even going back to love that game at Houston when they still had the Super Bowl remnants of the Super Bowl team. You know, they they lost again. They should have won even the Trestman. They two shots to win it and they crapped out Philly fifty four to eleven and then a disastrous loss to the Packers. Yeah. That was a tie Packers any kind of tie that. You're also though that played into it. So I mean that just in general, I guess the point is can this team will this team if it becomes a contender be able to win that game and rise to the mall? Occasion at seize the moment and win a big game. And you know, it's still a long way to go. But it's still you know, as you look down the road. It's going to be an interesting facet to to Matt Nagy for seasons. Excuse me. Mackrell click. Let's bring in Felix the cat. They're doing a great job producing today. We have our Twitter poll questions online. Mark potash one of the question. Here we go. This is the bears by week. You know, as we all know Abeer, see, what do you think? The fans have they voted as you wrote a great piece on this in Tuesday's sometimes. The apple wine is the question was well, this is the bears week. That was the statement a it's the worst possible time hot on three in a row. They're rolling or be this is the best possible time long season. They had five exhibition games the media and the fans Trubisky Comiskey Trubisky, they need this is.

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