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A mother tries to save her son from the death penalty. It's your top story at three oh three a little bit of sunshine, eighty degrees Tuesday afternoon. I'm Chris summer. The mother of convicted killer Christopher lob today, telling a jury no parent should have to see their child die. KRLD's? Lt felt reports on the defense effort to save LA from execution via lump says her son had a troubled childhood, but was protective of her. She was testifying to try and convince at least one juror to vote against the death sentence in apologizing for the murder of Dr Kendra Hatcher, MS love made an admission of sorts once you talked about phone conversations, she has had with her son since his arrest. He doesn't want us here and embarrassed. But something that he did he's always taking full responsibility for the things that he's done. By anybody? Prosecutors want love executed the jury could get the case tomorrow LP Phillips, News Radio ten eighty KRLD. Developing story had of Austin the capital office of state Representative match Schafer's been a vacuum waited over a suspicious package. He tweeted, quote DPS as vacuumed my staff and our capital office along with other offices in the vicinity due to a suspicious package and quote Representative Schafer, adding if phones are not answered leave a message. There's also word the office of Pancho Navarro Navarro's also evacuated over a suspicious package. President Trump says he wants to end the constitutional right to citizenship for some people born in the United States more from KRLD's Allen sky, the president told axios on HBO he does not want kids born in the US to undocumented parents, or parents who are not citizens to get citizenship automatically Josh Blackman's, a constitutional law professor at the South Texas College. Law Houston, I find it very unlikely that lawyer in the White House would actually put forward sports with stop it, very very very very quickly. He says only a constitutional amendment could accomplish what the president's calling for an actual thing. Or is it something that the president is simply saying a week before the election. The investigative journalism nonprofit center for public integrity, says immigration and customs enforcement deported eighty seven thousand people from two thousand fifteen through twenty seventeen who said they have a child who's a US citizen. Alan scion NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD to Dallas police. Officers are off the force both fired by the chief officer in the Talia Garcia's arrested for drunk driving in June, internal affair says she also gave a false statement when she was arrested for public intoxication during a separate incident in two thousand sixteen Garcia had joined the Dallas police department in two thousand twelve and the chief also fired senior corporal, Raymond romo's internal affairs says he harassed someone with. Calls and text messages. Investigators say those messages led to a response by the garland police department romo's was fired for using city equipment for something other than official business both officers can appeal their firings. The Tarrant regional water district wants a full review of panther island project that long running project designed to change the course of the trinity river in Fort Worth to protect land from flooding. Fort Worth mayor Betsy price recently called for an audit of the project at Tarrant regional water district board member James hill says that shouldn't be a problem organizations big projects stop assessment, make sure they're doing the right thing. Funding for the project comes from a mix of local state and federal sources a much better outcome on Wall Street. We check in with David Johnson after traffic and weather and in just minutes your next chance to win one thousand dollars NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD indep..

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