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Roadwork on the cell phone. Five ramp from Marvin Road is closed until five. In the morning. Same with the corn lane on red to North Bound. Five and the north exit to Berkeley Street. I'm Evan Smith. Come on. 24 7 traffic. The Kamo forecast pretty ordinary October weather for the next day or two highs in the low to mid fifties. Maybe a little cool, but not too extremely so and mainly dry, with a few scattered showers coming through on Wednesday, Friday, a good storm coming in, it's going to be rainy and dusty and cold. We'll see highs just in the low to mid forties around Bellevue in Bremerton, Snow level down to about 2000 ft. Easily blow enough to drop a lot of snow over Snoqualmie pass for travelers on Friday afternoon in the couple Weather Center I'm meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell. Clayton Kershaw, Cody Bellenger Booky bets in the Los Angeles Dodgers left Tampa Bay Rays stuck in neutral to start a most strange World Series played amid the pandemic. Kershaw dominated for six innings. Ballenger and Vets Homer and the Dodgers chased a wild Tyler Glass snow in the fifth inning for 8 to 3 win Tuesday night for the first series held at a neutral site in Texas. Game two is tonight. Seattle's Blakes Nell will get the start for Tampa Bay. This is the first World Series entirely at one ball park since 1944 between the Cardinals and Browns at Sportsman's Park in ST Louis. Art Sanders CAMO NEWS, Carmel Radio News, stay connected, Stay informed and check back to 34 times a day for the news that affects you, plus traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the force, the Northwest News station This is Kamo News, joined coma for the next presidential debates Thursday at six Hear it live on camo news, 1000 FM 97 7 and streaming on your smart speaker. Your voice your vote, Ramona. News before your next flooring job may close..

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