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The jazz lost two straight dinners lose two straight. Jay lost two straight to the timber. Wolves back to back style. Obviously there without donovan. Mitchell who out but jordan clarkson kind of cooled off the second half of the year and having trouble guarding guards jalen. They're only ahead of the sons by one. Game the clippers by two games. Do you think this jazz team is going to be the number one seed as we head into the players. Only about eleven games left. I think the jazz still find a way to maintain the number one spot. I know right now. That one game looks really slim Giora clarkston is likely going to be sixth man of the year the utah jazz on a historic pace to make many threes per game as any team in the history of the league. They play defense however mistakes by rudy bear laden gazed ended up giving up a layup to the angelo russell feed 'em make plays like that. I think they find a way to get fixed. I think they hold it down. Antill spider mitchell returns and props to the sons for pressing the jazz and the rest of the western conference. They even the playoffs last year. Now looking desk they got a better record in the clippers and the lakers phoenix has got a better record than the clippers and lincoln. So i wanna give them props but the jazz number one spot. And i think the chris paul deserves all the credit in the world and jalen you know i got a little bit of negativity in my heart and i think chris paul has proven his influence over the wind of a basketball game the last two years but he's not the mvp people talking about him in the mvp race. The mvp race is all ver- it's over mr rose you've got an actual vote just talking to a microphone you've got an actual vote you you better tell me. You're you're voting for the stretch mark five. You better tell me your vote for my guy yokich as the number one spot. And i think that randall in chris. Paul and damian lillard and steph curry and impede and lebron they're all vote-getters they'll be voted it number two three four and five not number one and in the voice of the late great mr vandross is over now you.

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