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Justin lanes in. Offensively or you made a couple of great plays as a corner he and Naylor set left the party under center short drop quick throw caught at the forty yard line four. I doubt by Justin lane. Justed lane sparked player of the game. So far. That catching a couple of plays defensively that first down is brought to you by your southeast Michigan Ford dealers. Visit wolverine Ford truck sales at Dearborn at four. I just a double slant there by daily Naylor and Justin lane on that Lombardi taking the deeper of the routes Boorda. Justin lay for nice timing. Throw their for first down ten Spartans at their forty. Shotgun snap to Lombardy hand off to Eljay LJ Scott picks up to off left guard. Most of the forty three. So to change. Second down along seven. State. Yes. Own forty three yard line. We're tied three three six and a half to play first quarter. Counter. Hayward is running back Stewart Naylor and sowards all set to the right play fake. Left to Hayward rolling writers. Rocky Lombardi hit hard as.

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