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Jason gave his story. Where like if. I mentioned the guy he i remember like watching matt forte and jason's this guy. Like the next sean alexander. I still remember that conversation. This guy's good player your mic on alexander. And i was like. I don't really see that and then like his rookie year. He's run all over. The place was like him. You know there. It is at so that one i know is true. That one always sticks with me so we member stories like that but but But it's probably a good deal. It's probably good that you're having like when you're young like when you coming up like that that's probably great to have those conversations because you probably like start to see holes in like what right like i think like like brett like you start to okay like what did i miss now. You're looking for something else right like being around other people probably helped you guys that way right. Yeah i think when when you play the game and you know you're watching it you you know if you're not in the business if you haven't worked in business you just kind of look at it through your lens and you're his only and you know when you're surrounded by people that are really good at what they do and they see things differently You realize that You know roster composition is very complex and diverse thing in that. If you're looking at seeing only you know in your through your eyes then you know you're gonna be wrong more often than not and that's why it's a collaborative effort and that's wife jason as a great staff with him and and look you know our sas. Make us look good. I have a bunch of great people here from my cap guys to people personnel department. I mean there's a lot of times it you know we end up with players at you know. Maybe when the whole process started we are on opposite ends of the spectrum. But you know they give you give some and i think that's our job is to and this goes back to coach. Our ultimate job is to make sure that we're always doing what's best for the organization so You know if we're wrong. You know being able to that all right. Listen you know after doing a little bit more work than seeing things through your lenses. You know. I'm not going to sit here and say no. I still like this guy. Matt no like you know. There's enough time and enough tape out there that we have played. I still have plenty time to make mistakes so What's all get on borer. But but no. I mean i you know. And that's the thing that yes coach to that you know being able to to sit in a in a collaborative process and understand that You taken all the information you bounce it in your way it and then you just go ahead and make decisions that you think's best but it's not solely my decision Jason decision i know. I know how jason it runs his department. I mean you know the people that we have working with us you know they you know a big say in what we do..

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