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In this series so using those fringy starter types of sixth and seventh starter type guys in multi inning facets out of the bullpen very very smart for mickey callaway kudos for that and it's an important thing for me to follow with these new managers you know i wanna see how they're leveraging relievers how they're maximizing the talented they have back there so far so good for mickey callaway so one thing i did want to talk about here today i wanna talk about exit velocity and some of the outliers that are out there thus far because i kinda got the thinking about this when it came to the cleveland indians who have made a fair amount of hard contact so far this season but really haven't had a whole lot to show for it and i'll explain a little bit more here in a minute but you can look you can use the stat cast search function over at baseball savant to look this up if anybody wants to to'real on how to do that please reach out to twitter at skating tripods or adam abang the book dot com i'll be happy to do that for you show you what i use baseball savant for is phenomenal tool the stack cast in for mission is out there is just it's magic it it is absolutely phenomenal is invaluable terrific resources darren woman has over there mike patrol also doesn't great job at stack cast as well as tom tango just great work being done there i disagree with a lot of what major league baseball has done the blackouts from mlb dot tv you should make your product as a widely available as you possibly can i think rob manfred is doing a poor job as commissioner man one of the things that it'll be has done right is putting out that stat cast data so many great resources so many usable things that we can take and you and put put to our advantage here when it comes to betting so league wide this season batted balls of ninety five miles per hour or higher batters hitting five oh five on those eight hundred twenty four for one thousand six hundred thirty to the atlanta braves are banning six eighty six on these balls of ninety five or higher that is sixty eight point.

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