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That's a community there oh right actually employed running through it actually she's kinda okay if you've ever spent any time down on the boat not that i've spent a whole bunch but little time that i have spent friends let me tell you it's sort of like a blend when you get down to that area i mean there is a made up border that a bunch of monkeys hundred couple hundred years ago decided existed but when you actually get down there the cultures blend it's it's interesting and it's one of the best parts about traveling is you get to see this sort of blending of the cultures as you get close to the border does stay woke now anti magazine she just can't stop talking about impeachment fortyfive mrs speaking members how mustang american soldiers feel to have their commanding chief under attack now this is of course a fired up maxine waters and course they don't have video for you just have the audio while they are engaged in battle they have the right to feel betrayed and undermine today we are here in the people's house debating the partisan impeachment of the president of the united states of america that's impeach forty five while the commander in chief is managing crisis and asking world leaders support what this is indeed a republican cudi top what way what hold on this clip come from mr speaker and members of merrick's all the republicans will couch this extremist radical anarchy and pious language which starts the constitution and the rule of law man she's so right all this bullshit about impeachment has been ridiculous bill and hillary clinton the real targets what and the republicans are the vehicles been used by the right wing christian coalition extremists.

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