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We are broadcasting and streaming to you live from the eastern coast of the United States. And we are happy to be here again to cover another week of Star Trek News now as opposed to last week this week. We actually have a lot to cover A lot of interesting projects that were announced. And I'm actually really excited for one of them and kind of an interesting. Take personally why. This project was developed. But we'll see if it sticks and if it's hopefully it is because I love these guys running this new project but let's get into the relaxed fit episode. Always remember wherever you're at you could be driving new could be at home. Hopefully and if you're in essential worker thank you just Take off those shoes. Dig Up those socks. Stretch up those leggies and relax because today warned is going to have a good time not really worried about what's going on the world outside of us and just focus on enjoying some good old star Trek News. The doctor lithium is in the anchorman of the Federation. And let's start with some news. So how can I get you to fly boys? You See. It's an earth drink prune juice warriors. Drink you are absolutely right and I couldn't be happier. Cork a round of drinks for the House on my tab. Gentlemen find me a mean thing. No it's just the fifth woman to ask me that question this morning all I choir is to sit in the sun. Read my book alone afterward. I really haven't thought that far ahead. So first of this week we hung not we but some people celebrated the four twenty holiday and I am very much on social media with the Omega Particle podcast instagram page and I kept seeing all of these doctor crusher four twenty high means and gifts and I was so confused I was like why is doctor crusher the symbol forgetting high in the Star Trek Universe is. I don't understand it I even like looked it up and try to find the reasons behind. Maybe there's this episode or maybe like where she takes them like mind altering drug and nothing. Nothing I was so I was so perplexed I was like why did the Star Trek mean communities bestow Beverly Crusher as the poster child of marijuana Houston's star Trek I don't know I mean You think about it. She did try to have quote unquote relations with a ghost in one of the TNG episode. So I don't know maybe I don't know it's it's wild so but if you know please let me know Y there. Maybe there's a reason behind it so please let me know. I was fumbled but the some light hearted news very confused by that. Not really into that drug community or drug culture of really. Don't know but I was a surprise. That somebody they picked crusher if anything maybe they would pick reicher because he seems like I mean. He has sex with everything that moves. I was like maybe they would pick pick him but anyway moving onto the big big big story very big shoe today and that is the announcement this week of the Delta Flyer podcast. Yes in the same vein as office ladies. Now if you don't know an office ladies is the actresses that played Pam and Angela started this office rewatch podcast and they go through each episode and they talk about the behind the scenes how it happened little quirks or maybe mistakes that we didn't see before like maybe somebody on the production staff look a cup of coffee or anything random like that and so it's in the same vein is that that. Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill are launching this. Voyager rewatch series. I think it's the perfect time for this number one. It's voyagers twenty fifth anniversary number two. They're just about to start a documentary on voyager coming out pretty soon we'll cover that in the next Couple minutes now. They're seven years of voyager. Go through and my hope. My honest hope is that it's very successful. And it kicks off. And He makes people fall in love with voyager. I know I'm going to go and re watch the show as they do the episodes and I think I encourage everyone to do that. We gotta help these guys out. Get this thing off the ground however I am terrified that it's not going to last because it's such a tumultuous thing to do is to cover so many episodes when my really good friends shout out to Jason and was like well the content with doing episode reviews it rights itself and that's true however it's just so much it can be overwhelming and kind of. Hopefully the audience isn't turned off so I I know they're gonNA do in a cool special way and I'm excited for that to come out. There really isn't any release date on it. They just launched an instagram page. So I know that in the works right now so Whenever that comes we'll let you know however. Is this like a new trend in podcasting. Because I listened to the office ladies maybe the first five or six episodes I kind of fell off because I just have so many other podcast. I listen to that I was like okay. I'll just chime in when I can but from what I've talked to my friends at super successful people love it. They have great guest host on office lady. So is this a new trend in podcasting? Is this going to be shows? That can be revisited with certain stars I think it'd be neat to see but I just hopefully this isn't just a fad and a trope like I said you're you're signing on for a super long commitment when you're doing that many reviews so and then what happens when the reviews are done and you run of episodes at the end of the podcast or see it's just. I don't know And that's why personally I decided not to do. Series episodic reviews is because yes. There's a ton of content but it's limited and if I mean you're Kinda boxing yourselves in because eventually you'd have to change the entire spectrum entire content of the podcast like if you discover original series and then the three seasons are done. What else you do you move on to something else a Tgi or is not for me. So that's why we structured o p a little differently so moving on like I mentioned a few minutes ago the voyager documentary still in production and surprised to find out that it's being made by the same people that made the D. S. nine documentary. What we left behind and that was a very well. Done documentary loved. It loved seeing what season it could have been four D. S. nine so I'm really curious what they're going to cover touch on in the documentary. there's a previous episode of Omega Particle that we dealt with the behind the scenes drama on Voyager. And they're probably the most drama behind the scene. So I'm sure there's going to be some coverage of that in the documentary however producer. David Zep hone has posted several updates on social media on the previous relaxed fit news episodes. We've covered the Star Trek crews and this is where majority of the filming was done for this voyage documentary simply because they had the entire cast in one central location that they could record those interviews in even record multiple like panels or something like that. It was good idea to do that on the cruise however now I think the shooting is done and they're going into like post production so hopefully we'll get that soon sometime this year. No date Sir Out or anything like that and speaking of wager and speaking of the cast. This is something that's kind of new and just started I don't know if any of you follow Kate mulgrew on social media but Captain Janeway is doing a unique thing to help with the social distancing an isolation that people feel she is actually hosting a virtual happy hour with six fans. Now what you'll do is you'll send in kind of description of how this isolation and how this pandemic has touched your life and how it's changed your view on society and she will select six fans from that. So if you want to submit you can email your story and your perceptions about life and society to cocktails with Kate Edgy Mill Dot Com. And she'll read all the submissions and she'll pick fans who have zoom hang out with her which I think is really neat and I think he's a brilliant way to kind of help with those isolation I think it's every Thursday so follow her on social media and submit. If you have a really good story I think it's cool and I'm definitely going to check those out so with all the voyager news. We're going to go back to some breaking new picard developments which I'm kind of not super surprised about and I think I posted a story. Instagram story about this is that Lavar. Burton is rumored to be coming back now. I think it's a brilliant idea to bring joy back primary source on this is interview. He did with entertainment tonight and he was asked if there was a potential for. Jordy to come back in a car and maybe season to season three and Lavar Burton smartly said. Well I don't WanNa get myself into trouble. Which means is there a secret? Is he hiding something? Very interesting comment normally. If there was nothing he would say. Oh well no of course not. I haven't been approach have been asked but he says No. I don't WanNa get myself into trouble. And he continues and says it's super reasonable to assume that the people are still a part of the cards life. The people that he got close to on the enterprise and that possibly you get several cast members coming back on the card in the future but maybe not all at one time and then he cheekily says well never say never so. I think that's an interesting idea because.

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