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The whole thing with this movie is it's like, okay. So we've got a woman as Christ figure. The twist is she doesn't get to do fucking anything. And she needs a hetero white love to create taste. V o thing. Yes. I'm not totally sure. So that's pretty much it. Yeah. But it ends with like they kids a beam of light for their boring. Love Ray explodes out from them. And then it cuts forward to like the president being like cool good that happened. And then he calls Bruce Willis, his mom who's like, very stereotypically like Nagy mom, and she's like the president shucks. And then the president's like what the heck? And then we could to Bruce Willis fucking and then the movie's over. Here. Like, we can't end the movie with I feel like that's like a contractual thing for Brazil. I have fucking onscreen or at won't do it. I don't care how out of plotted seems like he doesn't suck that much in movies. Really? Yeah. Folks. I feel like it's more of the threat that he will fuck it's like, we know that the intent is that he's so sexy that he will be fucked. He Alan Rickman. Don't fuck. Maybe they're wrong. If you're watching them on daily motion dot com who knows what really really funny, but just want to you the porn version of the movie like, yeah. Uh-huh. Really not fair to women. But yeah. So we do see him puck this movie. And that was the ending really threw me. I did not see the president Nagy. Mom. Fucking three punch. Well, they're also they're so they're fucking in the like rejuvenation chamber or whatever it is. They call it like there in the chamber where she was born. That's fucking weird. Oh, yes. I. And her mom. Oh, that's where that's where she became a person. And it's great because she's still isn't quite one yet. So you just take her back there and. Transition into one of the main talking points for this movie. And part of the reason that we had it like on our raider of stuff we wanted to cover in the first place. Yes, not of course, is the born sexy yesterday trope, if you're not familiar, this is a trope that was the name was coined by Jonathan MacIntosh on his one of his pop culture detective video essays, but basically describes a trope that's very common Sifi, especially and it's characterized by an adult woman being physically mature and sexual but she has the brain in naievety of a baby. And part of the funny thing about this trope as it is rooted in per that video and the read of most people that hope is like is is it's very much rooted in male, insecurity that is like they can't hack it with women who have lived any manner of life. And they're like what if it's a body. I wanna fuck, but someone who doesn't know anything has never met anyone. I would look great to someone who doesn't know anyone and oh one of my dick was the first dick. She saw. Exactly, right. What if I had a like it is very sinister? And like deeply rooted in the way, it is. But describing it as very silly. There's a lot of examples and some of them are given by MacIntosh. But there are examples of reverses of this trope, but the way is treated by the movies. Very silly. Like like big. Is a great example of like baby brain in a grown man spotty. But the man in that movie is not sexualize in a deep way. Most of the stuff. He's doing is played for laughs and played for like isn't this ridiculous, bubble, blah. And so it is as much as you get the argument that it's played for men and women and movies the way it's treated by the camera..

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