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Alexis gut jokes if touted tabun his lips you drink is coffee before it was cool luckily she also has skills and kabc is one of them just say alexa enable they kbc am hill news agency los angeles orange county from cumulus schemes kabc news live and local at four o'clock i'm john wolf this newscast is next the city of duarte is issued a mandatory evacuation order for about one hundred eighty homes near the fish to fish fire burn area begins at seven tonight due to the threat of mud and debris flows now an evacuation centres being established by the red cross at duarte community center that's a 1600 huntington avenue classes at value elementary school on mel canyon road have been canceled for a moral city of burbank has issued a voluntary evacuation warning starting at ten tonight for several areas in evacuation centers being established at we cambridge recreation centre on glenn oaks and mandatory evacuation to issued earlier today for the keiko canyon lopez canyon and little 200 canyon areas near sylamore due to their susceptibility to mudslides a man is under arrest allegedly for stabbing in lake county sheriff's detective today in santa clarita detective is going to be fine but the same can't be said for the man identified as 21yearold donald chinchilla shares canine dog located with suspect in the backyard of that residents hand the subject of subsquently bit la county sheriff's captain darren harris says the detective just left a jackinthe box when chinchilla asked if he was a deputy after saying yes he was stabbed once in the chest chinchilla was found hiding in a nearby neighbourhood and will be charged with attempted murder of a peace officer in santa clarita james rowe haas k b senior north and south korean negotiators are going to sit down together for the first time since december of two thousand fifteen to discuss north korean participation in the upcoming winter olympics to take place in young chang early next month and we'll low official reps from the united states have been vited experts say the us in south korea are likely to have close coordination behind the scenes correspondent brian todd has the story president trump has wait in hitting the talks could lead to something bigger are you willing to talk to kim.

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