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The Twitter machine Come, very very dangerous A dangerous tool it. Can backfire on you and we have a couple of local politicians that are seeing that Democrats staffer resigns, after, PJ media reports tweets, calling America S., whole country Yeah David, Garcia democrat most likely to face Arizona governor Doug Ducey. Coordinator PJ. Magazine Is saying or had? Hired. A digital director who tweeted anti-american, anti Arizona, and anti law enforcement tweets yes she, basically saying f the police And this this staffer Zena Arana offered her resignation and the. Campaign accepted it of course they did this kind of funding because cards, says, we, need a governor would have last? Name, similar to his and here he is firing people with a last name similar similar to oh oh and why would he do that well she, has. A vicious teeth tweets out there An open letter to Arizona f you Else, it out She said I'm a business owner. And a creative I am. A college graduate the first of many of my. Family I am I am involved in multiple campaigns to make America Arizona. A better place I am from five generations of border crossers between this, blank whole country and you know her hometown in Mexico Nice Well David Garcia ended up firing her This is a recent spate of just. Incredibly bad behavior on the Twitter machine the lesson, for today tweet at, your own risk social media is powerful and, in the heat of this primary season we are seeing. Just how risky, a tweet, can be we've seen shenanigans of. Course the are Pyo, campaign windy Rogers they're learning real fast how their. Surrogates, can get them into hot water Social media is increasingly important part of the, political campaigns there's no doubt about that you look, at how President Trump has used Twitter. I mean he's jumped right over the media and now other folks are trying. To do it as well I mean you could, be in charge of, your social media messaging and it's becoming increasingly, important for players on the campaign to do that but. What happens when, you farm, out bad things especially if the. People you hire to, do that don't have the integrity that you do President Trump is great example, of how he uses the Twitter account to get around the media and. Get directly to the American people and you just, ask the NFL how effective he has been at, that social media when it's well done When as well done. Is powerful it could be a powerful force for good nice say that knowing that Twitter is a sewer We have some. Examples here in the great state of Arizona of, social media here's one case social media director for. Democratic Front runners for governor David. Garcia was recently discovered to have authorized numerous highly offensive tweets before. Starting work on the Garcia campaign know this. Is. The woman I was just telling you about And she ends up damaging how will it. Be damaging to the Garcia campaign. Actually I think it will be I think that if you go if you're? Going, to go down this route You. Need to my advice you would keep the people on when you. Fire them you end up, creating more bringing more attention to the whole debacle now I'll tell you what because I. Don't want you just to take my word for this whole thing I invited I'm going to say at four thirty. Five regard, to have Sam stone in the center ring of the, conservative circus, of course Sam stone is a very familiar here to local politics but he's I'm gonna ask, him about what he seen as, his role as a councilman or should say chief of. Staff or a councilman and there's, a role as consulted what he has seen In the social, media sphere in the last few, years right now it's twenty seven minutes.

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