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Really wanted to get married, and he never in his wildest dream thought he will go and that the crown prince will send fifteen people very close to him. And murder from inside a consulate on foreign soil. I think this level off truly atrocity we've never seen anything like this before the fact that he that was a role of operation. This is the worst spin I ever heard in my life. You don't send somebody with a bone soul to cut people in pieces. And then you pretend there is. And then you come out with this fabricated story that it was a fistfight. Jamaa is a man in his sixties. These were fifteen men. There's no way he resisted them. D'amoto was the most kind humble the most on nonviolent person I ever met in my life rule out of these. We're gonna graze went after him. We're going to break, and then come back to this discussion, and among those fifteen people it's believed was a body double who came out of the consulate wearing it looks like at this point you mocha show. She's clothes not clear. Why the Saudi Saudi Arabia didn't continue with that story? The idea that he walked out of the embassy, which they did I float but then quickly backed off on as his fiancee as you were describing his Turkish fiance was outside hour after hour after hour outside the consulate waiting for her. Partner to come out. Rulership Brielle is journalist author foreign policy analyst her new cover story for Newsweek Shimao kashogi. She's secret interview, the Saudi journalists views of Islam American, the reformist print simply in the murder will come back to in Rome, Italy in a.

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