Steve Bannon, Ryan Lizard, New Yorker discussed on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer - Trump: John Kelly will do a fantastic job, Girl raped twice in one night at UK railway station, Did Martin Shkreli commit fraud? That's now up to a jury


Stories coming out about infighting and then the third part of that that's interesting was we've had reporting that the trump family was not high on steve bannon that jared would have liked to see steve bannon gone some time ago now we had you know scaramucci taking on steve bannon so i think what's interesting about steve bannon staying is that we are still back in a place where you're going to have different factions different power centers in the white house up slugging it out from time to time and how is general kelly the new chief of staff going to be able to deal with that wealth you know i wanna bring ryan lizard because he's the who did that amazing interviewer the anthony scaramucci ah for the new yorker that's clause such such a ripple i've not only did scaramucci go after ryan spree this with dow resigning as the white house chief of staff he also went after steve bannon of just looking at some of the words i can't even read what he said about steve bannon but are you are you surprised the steve bannon at least for the time is staying no he's a survivor he survived a lot of a lot of reports about his imminent demise so i'm not i'm not totally shocked i think it tell it's very telling that in the sort of fight between scaramucci and writes that it's scaramucci who survived in that rights is on his way out i mean think about the message it sends to other white house staffers after scaramucci went public with those remarks about rights previous.

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