Marshall, Mac Os, Marlon Mack discussed on Fantasy Focus Football - Mock Draft Monday Pt. 2


Uh i know it that you're automatically room here's i know every day but there there's there's slide anatomy delayed jaylen marshall is the number two and he suspended fourgame so loud just lamented there but i i do get know there will be fantasy values speaking of robbing edison he goes right now there will be fantasy value um on the jets this year from somebody owen marlon mac os nice there you go that's a look mike mike who somehow can it is a stick around to mike um and they're out again i knew length marlon mack i think is is interesting is wide on the we'd we haven't talked about him yet right do we talked runoff it only knew it well not today on the show not but on in the podcast yes yeah i just you know what i mean like obviously had the had had a big game this weekend and as you look at rookies it's not just about towns obviously about opportunity and it's not hard to imagine a path to playing time for marlon mack this you know interesting about face from matthew how member last time of the democtrats the matthew absolutely spike smothered me for taking marlin mac user alike and nightmare round nine notify mother you didn't the uighurs are i was very early stages guy it was surprising at how early decline us curious at handles if you knew something george arm for marlin mack verses robert turban he ended i i that was the out of the guys whether you i just asked you specifically i just ask you a question that i thought our naya right and our fans were wondering so marla mac now goes in round of fourteen was probably has a much better value for him than round nine i'm just have a little bit of fun here we wrapping up this draft of course the final two rounds are going to be loaded with kickers in defence i want a fought from each one of you will start was to find you about your team area that you may be are most concerned about in the area few most confident hens it's so hard for me these drafts that are early 'cause i tried to push every single rail ligament of the very very and because of all the uncertainties still obviously the thing i love that being numberone pick is david johnson because i.

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