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NPR news and the New York conversation You as NewsHour live from the BBC. On Rebecca kes- be vanilla the humble flavoring found in everything from ice cream to perfume is, so common in fact that describes something as being vanilla has become a. Derogatory term really to mean boring but it's. Now. In scarce supply and the price of it has skyrocketed it's now more. Expensive per ounce than Silva looney one percent of vanilla eaten around the world is actually from vanilla beans the rest is artificially produced. At most of the world beans though that seventy five percent of them come from the island of Madagascar so what impact have these high prices had their Nazi cartoon garra went on the long journey to find out Bachelet pharma is leading me through a muddy forest on a rainy night he's holding rusty machete but does not. For cutting down vines stubborn branches it's a weapon against thieves who ruined the countryside looking for one thing Phila The problem has been going on for some time now Everything we have to be vigilant so we don't get killed for months farmers like you see Dora more Delo have. Been camping in the forest to watch over their crop Nanto Leaney. Is tending a fire in their makeshift. God post socks we sit in the call that's. Night my husband. Was already attacked, once when he. Sleeps I don't sleep when I sleep he stays awake Yes the thieves don't only operated night the next day in the village of unbinding by Nissan that. Sits at the edge of the forest a meets neon shove he's. With his wife or a sin in. The garden where they grow vanilla last year his. Whole crop was. Snatched from here. In broad daylight Ten body I was working in the rice field when vanilla was stolen the thieves quickly their chance to, steal it I, was. So sad I cried because we lost everything I didn't have money to send my children. To school and my family has been suffering all year In nails garden. I noticed something, odd and holding about thirty firm green smooth vanilla pods in my. Hand now I've just noticed that the inscribed their markings. On them and I can just make out a name farmers. Here and now branding individual vanilla pods and. Extraordinary but necessary safety measure despite the insecurity the price. Rises have been positive for many of Madagascar vanilla farmers, some prophets being invested for the long term I come across a new sawmill processing would for houses and. Furniture and something a little granted to.

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