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Person at the mta the mta about an mid late seventies and he had the change of mind change of philosophy to impart to the people he worked with and he's i think that's what i was told he was one of the people to to change the course and i think a lot of the listeners know the new york city's stations they're infused with all this sort of historical art you know this what we're talking about are the is the artwork and the details from that contract one and contract to station so this is nineteen o four night you know these are over one hundred years old and they're still amongst us as you know for commuters who take the subway today and it's all those mosaics and john said the detail in the station and on the walls that people don't really notice and as her and i were really struck by not only fill and his massive project but just this idea that there was this sort of artistry and amazing ness right in the middle of the stations that a lot of people hadn't even seen and that's what really struck us was designed from the from the ground up to to to to be a golden age gilded age kind of civic project yeah and and to to promote the maintenance of new york bringing the masses underground and make them feel comfortable in this new technology of the subway we're talking about the beauty of new york city subway stations with philip ashworth capella and as rebukes teen and jerry workman.

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