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He he he throws a high ball and it sales on sometime I think if you get through the first two possessions against the bears. Offense. They show everything they have they're going to try and trick you up with a get some points that lead the rest of the way survive that as the other team you be you cannot trick people in the playoffs. That's why doesn't at work because I don't know. It's weird. Like, you just have to be able you have to be better at what you do than what they do. So if you come in here all these gadget plays and trick plays. It doesn't work. And you know, what I've seen over the last couple of years when you look at the Minnesota Vikings last year or the Minnesota Vikings last last week, they just came down ran downhill. There was no more run RPO. They were like, look we're going to run downhill, and then when we want to throw the ball, we'll throw the ball. But we're going to do what we do best and lashing us what they did. That's why they have such a great record. They ran the ball. They lean on the running game case came to turn the ball over. And so I think that's the form of do. I mean, that's what the Jaguars did last year. You're starting to see. That's what the saints are doing. The saints are running the ball at a very high rate is much. Drew Brees is throwing the ball and people. Wanna talk about how gradients which is a really good quarterback. They're running the ball at a high rate. They want the ball. It's the point of reverence for everybody. But go back in the year that drew Brees finally gets his one Lombardi that he still has now it was owed to the fact that they were turning around and running the ball and running a lot of those safe routes to Thomas, and now they're doing that with Kamara MAURICE are the Rams though, I'm trying to do the math on this are they because the national noise as boy, why aren't they running Todd Gurley more? And you just hate it added there. I think McVeigh is doing girly a favor because they don't have anybody really to run the ball with. And they got a day. They're playing the long game here. We is we want girly to be right for January. And he's not right currently in Detroit, you laws, Malcolm Brown. And that's what hurt because Malcolm Brown could have been that guy that you could have put it right and guys now you're leaning on undrafted free agent and a late round pick. A rookie late round pick at that. And so, you know, it's tough for him to do that Malcolm Brown going down. I didn't think at it. I was like a big deal. But I'm starting to see that it's a huge deal because he was a guy that could come in take give Gurley a series or two, and he would you know, they wouldn't miss a beat. Now, you're trying to play some other guys who aren't really, you know, like, Malcolm Brown. These are more slimmer guys who are more quicker shift your guys, and it just doesn't work out that way. So you know, I it comes down to winning these last two games. Right. You have to go to AirAsia winning Zona figure out a way to keep Todd healthy and get these young guys some reps in these games because you're going to have to use them in the playoffs. You're not gonna be able to run Todd. I bet hold early. Wouldn't even be out there had they beaten the eagles Sunday night. No. He would probably know they'd probably would have shut him down for a couple of weeks. And so it's important and in at the end of the day, you know, I think as much as we want to you know, as much we want to kind of tout. These guys is genius isn't. Like that football. Never change eight really amazing that it does that always it will never change within the season. I doubted that in two thousand eighteen I thought this is the year. Finally that the defenses are just the rules changes. And everything else the quarterbacks are now sufficient across the league save a couple of places like in Jacksonville. And finally now the defenses were are never going to have an answer. And we didn't even get to the play offs. Because as soon as the weather turned it's tougher to throw the ball. You gotta remember too..

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