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Ijaz Ahmed Chowdhury was shot and killed by police in his apartment in Mississauga Ontario according to family members, he suffered from schizophrenia and was having an episode. Paramedics were called, but because Chowdhry had a knife, the family says paramedics called police when police officers arrived, family members say they pleaded with police to be allowed to help. Users that he's going to be oxy's original. Founding member. DEVELOPED BELKIN YOU LADDER! Outside. The video taken by a bystander. Three officers are kicking. Open the door, yelling into the residence. Series of gunshots. Before all of them are even in the apartment. Ejaz Ahmed Chowdhury was sixty two years old. He was married and had four children. The youngest is years old. This is just one of several deadly police interventions. In recent weeks, involving people who struggle with their mental health police were called when court since paquet became distressed de'andre. Campbell suffered from Schizophrenia Rodney Levi. Levi was shot and killed after RCMP say they received a call of an unwanted I there's also renewed attention to these cases because of calls to defend police across North America proponents argue that money used to fund police departments should be able to support services instead like mental health workers. Today we take a closer look at why that is this.

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