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The news Live from NPR news anjani herbst President Biden is warning Americans in Ukraine to leave immediately amid troubling signs that Russia could invade soon National security adviser Jake Sullivan says Russia continues to escalate the number of troops it has on the border and he says they could invade Ukraine during the Olympics He's asking Americans to take this seriously If you stay you are assuming risk with no guarantee that there will be any other opportunity to leave And there are no prospect of a U.S. Military evacuation in the event of a Russian invasion This as British defense secretary Ben Wallace says Russian officials told him today they don't plan to invade Ukraine Number of countries though have as their citizens to leave immediately including the Netherlands UK and Israel which is recalling its embassy staff from Kyiv as N piers Daniel estrin reports from Tel Aviv this comes a week after Israel's foreign minister said he didn't expect war soon Israeli foreign minister yair lapid was quoted last week as saying about Ukraine we don't see a violent confrontation soon That angered Ukraine's ambassador to Israel who said he was deeply appalled and that Israel's foreign minister was using the rhetoric of Russian propaganda Now Israel has released a new assessment Its foreign ministry is evacuating the families of its diplomats and embassy staffers It's recommending that Israelis reconsider travel to Ukraine at this time The U.S. has also evacuated the families of its diplomats in Ukraine Ukrainian leaders say it was an overreaction but President Biden is calling on American citizens to leave Ukraine He said things could go crazy quickly Daniel estrin NPR news Tel Aviv The man accused of using his vehicle to kill 6 people and injure dozens at a holiday parade and walk a shell Wisconsin last fall has entered a not guilty plea Of memorization Wu WM reports Daryl Brooks was in court today for arraignment Earlier this week Darryl Brooks and his lawyers asked for a new judge in the case that request has been granted public defender Jeremy Perry told a court commissioner that his client has received a copy of the information We'd wave formal reading and we can enter please if not guilty this morning Also this week the defense asked for a change of venue for Brooks trial or that a jury be brought in from another county It's not clear when that motion will be considered The defendant remains in jail on $5 million bail Brooks faces 77 charges including 6 of homicide He's due back in court next month for NPR news I'm chuck kernbach in Milwaukee Preliminary close numbers on Wall Street the Dow down 503 points that's down 1.4% at 34,738 and as that down 2.7% that's a loss of 394 points The S&P 500 down 1.9% that's a loss of 85 points This is NPR From WAB news in Atlanta good afternoon I'm Jim burris our time now is four O four The city of Buckhead is dead For now anyway Republican state House speaker David ralston says Buckhead cityhood legislation will not move forward this legislative session Some lawmakers had suggested the Buckhead cityhood effort did not have enough details on key aspects of becoming a city like running schools or police and fire departments Ralston made his comments today after lieutenant governor Jeff Duncan made similar comments about the about that to the state Senate on Thursday Here's ralston In a bicameral legislature it takes two chambers to pass a bill they sent it was very clear And I respect their decision Ralston says the issue could return next year if progress is not made on crime in Atlanta The Buckhead city committee and has not returned requests for comment Well the state House has passed a midyear budget to fund state government through June because more money came in than expected lawmakers added $2.6 billion to the nearly $30 billion budget it includes a $5000 pay increase for all state employees as well as a $2000 raise for teachers and there's a tax refund $250 for single Georgia filers and 500 for married people The midyear budget now goes to the state Senate.

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