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Like I'm regardless if I have a fucking parachute with me or not, I'm probably just going to jump hope for the best. See, I always one of those. Like, why can't my shirt fucking like help me like, obviously, I know because it's your fucking. Like if they have like a really like if they have a blanket, like try to fuck and Mary Poppins that shit on the way down also try. I know I'm gonna die. It's just I want it to be maybe. All right. So is there an umbrella outboard? Yeah. I think he's going. Going straight down, but like a member, another thing to just to go along with the shirt. Remember pine blankets together. They would always do that movies like climb out of the window. Does that work? I don't know. I don't think I've ever done like girls would do. I'm going to this party. Fuck my dad. They through like this to their ratty eight hundred fourteen sheets how many Blake it's you got lady and also I'm ripping the shit out of whatever. I try to climb my family's way to broke our threat. Countless ways. I was like a thirty thread count. Exactly. It was like, okay, toilet paper. Yeah, I had like the quarter ply toilet paper and shit like you go to tie both of feeling well, there was that idea better off using it as a parachute fucking doing any of that. I could never like if I had to go to a party at tying blankets together, not going to the party can't get out. I can't do it not only ties of blankets together, like what the next week, what kind of psycho child is like? I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to tie every fucking like it would take longer for me to find the blankets and tie them together to try to just go out through the front through every fucking room in the house. Again. Hey, I'm freezing. Where's by? They won't notice. I'm gone when they until they wake up and then fucking ice cold, Honey. Every sheet in the house is gone. Either in the KKK or snuck. One of the two check. Danny's room, man. I never understood that. Not only that, but you know, brave, you have to be to just throw them out Salunke out of your fucking house and propel down three floors. What are you. Fucking second. Are you tying that to. The radiator, but like the bedpost. Yeah, she'll be like the fucking poultry head spring mattress that weighed less than eight pounds. And then the bed was just a frame. Drag that thing out the window at me. One hundred percent ninety. Kids are nineties eighties kids. I guess we're pretty brave. That's an eighties. Like living in fuck in the suburbs of town. They want streets. They were the ones who they're fucking the roof of their house was like not steep enough where they could walk on it like, fuck you. You know what I mean? I always wanted out like lay on their smoke six smoke like unfiltered Marlboros and Campbell's shit. I like the concept of like when you see in movies like people like sneaking into their boyfriends or girlfriends window like that's insane to me. You're climbing up the vines. Yeah. Like, what are you tars? I've been real horny before, but not horny enough to put my body at risk enough to scale the building fucking Spiderman crawl into your bedroom that come up. Like, you know. No, you down. Up, give it like the college, try like literally one foot on the wall, and just, you know what? I'll come back next week when your parents Rantzau cheeses, no, chances.

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