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Yeah so you've got that option expand if not next season even maybe a season or two after that kind of play around with a little bit so we talked a lot of team i want to finish up talking about you someone with a very discriminating i notice on your linked in profile that you once owned a landscaping business in northern virginia i did how does a guy who had a landscaping business in the region in the charlotte area really got team well that's a that's a good one i mean it's a odd evolution i had but but i think you know kind of organic and away my my dad was really in the race in when i was a kid and my dad was an auto mechanic and he race locally at a drag car he he helped a guy with a stock car and in my fonder memories as a little boy will be eight nine ten eleven years old was every friday night going to beltsville speedway and every saturday night going the old dominion speedway manassas virginia and and we go race and i'd hide in the floor the truck along these two other kids were guided own the car and we'd sneak in and then we just help and do whatever and i had the race him bug it a young age and and it really foster from my dad's passionate about cars and working on cars but he was never a big thing in nascar and money hollow tiger and and our all our race and stuff kind of went away and i never really was a car guy you know i never had any crazy dream to be a drive or anything like that and sure i wasn't a guy that souped up my own car i drove a seventy five x one nine and i still i love nascar i love the sport i love the drivers i loved everything about it and and then kinda my age you know sponsorship was kinda getting big in the business side always intrigued me and went through school and kinda got hooked up with this guy that was selling agricultural materials to golf courses and things and and started working for him on the sales side.

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