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And work will press ahead this week on infrastructure negotiations between congressional Republicans in the White House Wi you, Pease Mitchell Miller has more now today on the hill. I think we are getting pretty close to a Fisher cut bait moment. Transportation Secretary Pete Buddha judge noting that President Biden will be meeting this week with key Republicans as the two sides try to reach a compromise. But a jet speaking on CNN's state of the Union notes, the White House has dropped its proposal to $1.7 trillion While Republicans have come up to more than 900 billion, West Virginia GOP Senator Shelley Moore Capito. I think we're building those blocks towards a really good, solid infrastructure package that has bipartisan support Capital. Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Buddha Judge says the talks need to make more progress this week. It's my hope that these continued conversations really over these next few days will be productive on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller w T. O P News. Controversial election Reform legislation expected to pass in Texas was killed. Last night when State House Democrats walked out before a vote could be taken about an hour before the midnight deadline to pass bills. State House Democrats walk out breaking the quorum needed to vote on the bill. House Speaker Dade feeling based on the tally, she furnished by the voting, Clark Coram is apparently not present. A very angry lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick blame speaker feeling for not putting up the bill for a vote sooner that I can't even blame it on the other party for walking out, they got it opportunity to walk out because of the deadline. Governor Abbott quickly responded, saying he would put the election integrity bill on a special session. Call Chris Fox for CBS News. Austin Coming up on W. T O P new defendants added to the federal criminal conspiracy case against the oath keepers for the January sale..

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