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To the point where it's going to be full. We have gridlock and we won't be able to take patients and they'll just be staff working in the E R. It's not just the Sunbelt, Pennsylvania's governor ordering nightclub's closed after an alarming escalation in new cases just shy of 1000. While some governors are requiring masks, George's Ryan camp is overriding local authorities who mandated face coverings. I'm Jackie Quinn. AP News I'm Jackie Quinn, a trump campaign shakeup but first, the latest on the virus pandemic in California, a nearly record high 11,000 new infections have been reported in one day. The January Rose parade is being canceled. Similar numbers in Texas and in Florida, where governor run to Santa says he won't force parents to send their Children back to school early June would probably have been overwhelming. They go back because No, we had low positivity, low cases and and things were were stable. Now, If you've seen this, I think there's naturally concerned about what does this mean for schools? What does it mean for safety? The opposite. In South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster says schools must be open five days a week so parents can get backto work. The Republican governor of Alabama is now requiring face masks. We're almost to the point. The hospital. I see youse overwhelmed, and Walmarts announced that all of its stores, including Sam's clubs will require face masks. The Sunbelt states have been seeing spikes. But now Pennsylvania's governor is reporting nearly 1000 new cases. He's ordered nightclub's closed. Renowned infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, speaking to the Atlantic magazine says. I'm looking at the map, saying We've got to make sure it doesn't happen. Another states. So rather than these games, people playing, let's focus on that. In other news, President Trump's ousted his campaign manager, Brad PAR Scow replacing him with Bill Stepien Trump today announced the rollback in environmental rules that delay construction projects. The family of George Floyd file suit against the city of Minneapolis for his death in May, and an anti police protest in New York City leave several officers injured Stacks gain today with the Dow up 227. This is AP News. For the first time A U. S governors announcing He's got Cove in 19 days before Oklahoma hosted President Trump's first rally of the virus era last month. It's gonna be safe. We're really, really excited. Kevin Skit was at the rally and event health experts they likely contributed to a virus surge in Oklahoma. Now Stitch himself has just kind of feels like a Maybe a start of a little cold is what it feels like right now, but really our fuel Well, fine state rarely wears a mask and has been resisting any statewide mask mandate. You just open up a big can of worms. Sander Megane. Washington Democratic attorneys general in more than 20 states have sued Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. They're hoping to repeal her overhaul of a student loan forgiveness program. Congress even voted to strike it down. But President Trump saved the policy with the Vito. I'm Jackie Quinn. AP News Thank you for listening to the AP Radio Network. Did you know that.

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