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US Marshall service and Memphis is identified ABC's Ryan burrow, has details Tennessee bureau of investigation, identifying the man shot. His twenty year old Brandon Weber TB ISIS Weber was wanted, on multiple felonies warrants Kelly McAllister with TB. I says, when members of the Gulf Coast, regional fugitive task force of the US Marshall service arrived at his home in north Memphis was spotted getting into his vehicle put rand his vehicle into the officers vehicles multiple times before exiting with a weapon after protesters clashing with police officers, eventually, using chemical agent to disperse, the crowd, twenty-five officers were hurt six sent to hospitals, three people were arrested. Ryan burrow, ABC news. Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer says his party wants to move quickly to permanently extend funding for the nine eleven victims compensation fund Schumer says, heroes, should not have to come to congress regularly to beg for healthcare. We must not leave the brave first responders behind when it comes to their healthcare. And yet. Shamefully. It is always been struggle here in this congress to abide by that principle. House is expected to take the vote next month and Schumer also says Senate should take it up immediately after Louisiana city has reversed course on criminalizing certain fashion. Trend ABC's, Jim Ryan explained report, Louisiana was one of the first cities to mandate that pants pulled up above the waistband supporters insisted that it wasn't about race. But about public decency. Lester Smith, who has two sons says it hasn't worked out that way you slice it dice affects black peop- black boys. Shreveport police department says that in twelve years of enforcement ninety six percent of those ticketed for sagging pants were black men now seven a man.

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