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With armor and bevan the french here are a by obligingly stupid in every in so many instances you begin to wonder whether they were traitors uh they they ignore the reconnaissance of these long columns of armor coming through the are dan and don't send in bombers on the twelfth and on the thirteen when darian crosses the news they fall back they don't lower launched counterattacks that's because the french were just like the german general staff they didn't believe in armor is that correct whether or not they believed in armored to support infantry and it also they want to have a set piece battle they had this idea that came out of one that you prepared very carefully for any kind of a battle and therefore if if if somebody attacked you then you set in motion all of the stuff to defend you brought up infantry you brought up artillery brought up tanks and you took the set timely week or more to do this well good didn't give them a day right he broke through the the broke down in one day without within by the time they were that then there was no no defense on the other side and big french were unable to move up fast enough to create any kind of a barrier that because of their their ideology even the french army ideology was the move in this piece battle and that was a very good way to do it in world war one when when soldiers will walk into battle but it was not able to be done in world war two when when tanks were moving at a twenty five and thirty miles an hour now as as as forwardlooking as good darian is he still hesitates he creates a bridgehead across the news buddy pauses because he wants to secure the bridge had they're always worried about counterattacks and being flanked said they've got a broad bridge had their across abuse and then word comes that one of.

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