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Offsides kimmy gifts wrapped present from the nfl. Ourselves quote. what your record is sorry. we're wanna one. I don't know what you're talking about. All i know is only in one lines about to be to woo biting words calling my shot. That's right barry making a bold call here. It is the first bolt called these meeting at some time. Let's get to the show because we had a ton to get too hot as we always do on mondays with the injury updates so we turn to the goat herself to find your bell and to find you. The ram suffered an injury in the preseason to one of their best players that being earned about camakers and now his backup the starter. Darryl henderson junior also is banged up. What can you tell us about what he's dealing with. He had one hundred and this was one of the concerns right with what would would happen. Would he be able to hold up. He had a rib injury. That happened late in the game. In the fourth quarter. He was able to walk off the field under zone power but expect him to get further evaluated today. It took literally two weeks to get both sides of the darrell henderson. Argument those in favor and those against right because he gonna say yeah. Well that's true. Yes you could say really just week to because he looked very before the injury yesterday matthew and then he gets hurt with the question was could hash touchdown over the course of a seventeen game season. Seems like there's a chance he might not be able to make it through our make it all the way to week three without potentially missing time sony. Michelle the next man up in that backfield. He's rosser and a bunch of these. We'll talk about seventy throughout the week. Yeah but it's worth checking. Like i want to say it's like sixty five percent. He's available in fifty he's roster and fifty five percent. Yeah he's available in almost half the league so like i know for your waiver wire column the cutoff. We use his fifty percent but feels like he deserves a mention he might. I might modify some rules here this week and we'll talk about a week brutal week for a move the needle type week on the waiver. Wire if you will a subpoena all three running backs for the forty niners. All of them. That were active. Yesterday are banged up. Just go through all and him. We need to know yeah. We would say that the three starting running backs because you have to remember the original. Starting running back for he most was already lost for the season. But yesterday in short order in the fourth quarter. They lost all of their running backs. Ally jim mitchell who had been named the starter. That day goes out without about eleven minutes left in that quarter with what was termed at the time. A shoulder injury at about five minutes and forty five seconds. They were down two zero running backs. Because michael hasty had gone out with an ankle. Injury and trace sermon. Had gone out with a concussion so just to recap where they are as of last night. How shanahan said he expected. Elijah mitchell and drew michael hasty to undergo further testing when they got back to the bay area. He was hopeful. That mitchell had suffered a stinger which is not an insignificant injury. I mean involves either stretching or pinching the nerves on the side of the neck that go down to the arm but sometimes it can resolve within a few minutes. Sometimes it takes up to a couple of weeks so the fact that elijah mitchell came back into the game Which he did do at the end of the fourth quarter. I think abodes well hopefully for him for next week to michael hasty. We'll have further testing on his ankle. And trae sermon goes into the concussion protocol. He was in for one carey. Took hits to the shoulder in the head If you saw he's hyper flex. His neck hit the ground really hard. It was a really ugly Unfortunate incident for him and we'll see how he does they had trenton. Cannon who came into the game was there for special teams be ended up carrying the ball. One time for minus one yard shannon said. He was glad he knew what to do. When he got into the game. they also have carrion johnson who they signed to the practice squad last week. Who knows if he's going to be resurrected in the bay area but clearly a mess for them at the back position it unquestionably is. Unfortunately we do more for niners injuries. It feels like on the shell than any other team sermon. By the way this is a little scary only because he left the national championship game. His final college game pile state early. It was a shoulder injury that looked nasty at the time. He obviously was well enough to be drafted in the third round. But bummer to see a player that we all hoped we'd see more of it didn't happen and we want happening to matthew so other than elisha mitchell. It sort of feels like a hope and a prayer net backfield now. Yeah i mean. I don't think. I don't think there's anything to do right now. Because we just don't know no idea. Yeah i can carry on johnson but for all you know he'll be on the practice squad he'll be cut from the check leading there. You know yeah trey lance and running back honestly like they may just say screw it. We're gonna throw it every single play might be cannon i mean i mean like we just honestly we just don't know hopefully more information today or later in this week but as of right now what i would say is that i would make plans to be without a forty niners running back. If you rostering any of these guys again. If you have to make any sort of decisions today. I would just plan on not having anyone available this weekend. Due to injury and also just uncertainty in terms of roles and playing time for the team's i think one less thing to note for me field is defined. You went to forty niners campus. Here right. I did so. You're listening on route one more because we have any drops it because people want to hear football not drops. I just say this following elisha mitchell. I know that the final numbers are not. You're looking for just seven point. Three fantasy points. Yeah he got. The opportunities did seventeen russia's. That's all you're looking for in a cow shanahan often. So if he's healthy it remains clear that they wanted him to be. the guy phillies run defenses. No just good. They're good so i agree with you. I'm better days are head for elisha mitchell. If he can stay healthy they play really playing week. Three they play the packers yet at the packers at home backers finally forty niners are home for more favourable run defense. I would think on paper compared to what they saw yesterday. Deontay jonah this one was. I mean they're all out of him. Literally it's over. Its final play. They're down by nine points and what happens. It's always always on the ground holding his knee. Look to be clearly uncomfortable. Required assistance off the field. All my tomlin had to say afterwards was that he had a knee injury that was being further evaluated as you mentioned. That was the final. Play the game so there was really no way to have good information at the moment just one other note for. Adp friends tj. What Left the game with a groin injury and never returned to the steelers to keep people that we're taking a look. Let me just quickly. I mean we all know with. Mike tomlin the i mean. There are so many great things about him. You're gonna know exactly what the injury is. How much time they expect him to miss. So while we don't have information right now on the anti johnson. I imagined by this afternoon. Maybe tomorrow we'll have an update from mike tomlin. He'll be very clear he'll be very transparent. He is the best. And there's no second in terms of coaches providing injury updates. How dumb is it though. I mean like again. Listen hindsight's twenty twenty steitz twenty twenty but like you're down nine..

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