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And I'm Lisa wheel along with show contract conscious. We had Mark Stein. The author media in house here with that the gorgeous British accent just minutes ago. So fun to listen to him. And we've got coming up in the seven o'clock hour, Noah Rothman of reporter with MSNBC and the mood Anthony Scaramucci with in the eight o'clock hour can't wait to have both of them on this our guests. We're gonna have a lot of fun with them. Noah Rothman, who you just bought up who is on morning. Joe allot, a political pundit political? I work with a while ago is probably if you remember Charles Krauthammer, of course. Yes. I always thought the Krauthammer you agree or disagree with them. That's fine. But was smart just the hundred out there in terms of laying out an argument and not mistaking volume for passion. Right. When when civil cable news is a little more civilized. I think that highly of no, I think he's right up there from an intellect level of being able to talk about any thing going on in Washington, political or international news as well. So I think that you stick around for that next hour, you're really gonna enjoy what would know asked to say straight shooter, and certainly not somebody who's married to a particular candidate or ideology, which I like. We're looking forward to that just quickly. You hear about alcohol. You know, he got so much trouble last last year in in when he got mad parking thing. And he got all that scuffle, and he was fighting with the guy and level headed out. It was all about trying to he said he says now in court today says well is because he thought the guy was going to run over his wife. Okay. So there was an excuse that he has you know, I mean out ball was kind of a test. You guy, you know, he gets into trouble. But hey, he says he was as we started his wife was going to get slammed by this by this car driver. So we should believe him. Then of course, he's never gotten into fights for paparazzi before. Okay. People in general audit. But if he thought his wife was going to get slammed, you know. Could be Billy Baldwin or Stephen Baldwin or any other Baldwin's who have nearly had the success that he's had despite all these personal road blocks last word looks he's had some troubles before. But look sick around now for your chance to be a thousand dollars richer. Did you know that thousand dollars richer, you can be thousands of riches? Please world are you coming up after the seven o'clock news, and that's next on seven ten WR.

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