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A loss so weird that is amazing does that mean you can't ever stop being management what else better than the alternative and let me tell you it would have been a lot worse van loss yesterday particularly after blowing a two run lead but brandon jones in his eleventh opening day perhaps his final opening day captain the cat he's the face the face of the baltimore baseball resurgence here but what i love is just after all these years it doesn't matter i mean when it still loves this spring's here baseball is back and and adam jones hitting the game winner there is right so very special then let's talk about what's going on here in our state not i'm going to get to the issue of hopkins in a moment but i do want to ask you about this automatic voter registration bill that could become a law it's overwhelmingly passed in the state senate and in a house delegates i had laid the preface brett throughout my entire life as a child choice through my family i have been registering people to vote having people get the franchise what they call it but at the same time brett hollander says no don't wanna vote this right as my right you shouldn't have to opt out of something simply because you use a state agency if you go to a state agency for particular service you shouldn't have to tell that state agency which another do now no i don't want to be registered to vote i remember it was a big deal i remember going down to register to vote and join your party with my dad was a big deal it was a big deal i remember vividly and that was a part of the process but you know let's see four if i chose not to care at all and not be part of the process that is my choice you shouldn't have to opt out and then i think that what this does it turns on its head the whole purpose of a democracy and participation not voting is a part of which i was going to happen here a lot of people who choose not to care which again is a right there amy reminded that they have this power to election day and they're say told by people hey you better go and.

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