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The 13th of May welcome into WTO P at four 38 Now I'm thinking whether all the 8s and when it breaks good morning to rich hunter in the WTO feed traffic center Good morning dean right now traveling on the beltway in Alexandria in the inner loop local lanes just before you get to exit one 76 telegraph road again all lanes have been closed since late last night as a result of a serious crash that remains under investigation so if you're coming from Maryland in the local ranger diverted every one Through lines however have been open for the last couple of hours they've been closed at one point due to a separate crash that occurred just a little further south than the one in the local lanes but they cleared that up through the lines have been open for some time and that is your best way into Virginia right now But again you have to plan ahead when you're in Maryland to get into the through lanes before coming into Virginia Now elsewhere in the bellway last check they were working still on the outer loop as you head north a joint base Andrews toward Pennsylvania avenue does appear that they may have begun to pick up that work since they're starting to see lots of more folks in the roadway there So keep that in mind Looks like it's starting to clear but there may be a delay there as a result would be careful To 70 south down issue had south toward falls right and beyond toward montrose road and one point you were down to a single length left through that works and still have not gotten the all clear on that They did clear the work eastbound 66 approaching the beltway all lanes are now open This traffic port is sponsored by birkin Herbert bank local knowledge local decisions For commercial banking it's better at birk and Herbert bank at your service since 1852 rich hunter W T traffic A couple of showers here to start your Friday and we will see on and off showers throughout the day with temperatures climbing into the lower 70s here by the afternoon hours Much of the same here for Saturday.

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