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Sectors resolution. They're now going to be looking for taxpayer money to give to daycares restaurants, bars and music sectors. Saxon Pub owner Joe Ables says the city's venues are dying right before their eyes on the brink of Toby permanently. Musicians. They're struggling. Along with hundreds and hundreds of venues and poise. There's only points running out. Some of the money may come from various city fees. Among the industry's getting the green light to move a little closer to normalcy is the nursing and long term care sector. Governor Greg Abbott says the vast majority of debts have been people above age 70. So even as visitations resume, great caution is needed. They must, however, comply with certain health protocols. And there must be no Kobe outbreak In those facilities. Residents can now designate to family caregivers who will be given training on how to safely enter those facilities. Travis County sees an increase in covert 19 hospitalizations that's bringing the total right now up to 79 this morning. That's still well down from the triple digit highs that we had during this summer. 8 33 K o b. J Here's Austin's on Time traffic with Melinda Brandt. Slight delay still on 35 North bound between Slaughter and William Cannon and also over on 1 83 north on between 35 Oland Road. Your next report today. 45. I'm Melinda Brant with Austin's on time traffic. This work so hard for all the things you have salary status success with that image. There's a drink one to unwind. Want to loosen up? Want to take the edge off? How do you know what a drink is more than just a drink? We get it way can help. Karen's Grandview program has been helping accomplished people just like you regain their lives. Talkto US Visit Karen dot org's slash grandview and Sunshine Breezy by the afternoon are high today at 88.

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