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Found none of those cases ended in violence when it says it's too early to say the orders are the reason but he says the research will continue we have good news in west LA there is a stall that's been cleared on the four or five it was on the northbound side right at the ten that are there still a car they're made its way out of lanes to the right shoulder so all these very open for traffic still heavy coming off of the one oh five in St patches you make way out into this for the past let's check in with Jeff body KFI in the sky sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com he signaled that riding guarding road you betcha pretty good news tune up your listing last time around somebody lost a year that's for sure was twenty two around brokers for the from the on and off ramps so that has been cleared by your drive as benefit right now is is that you're right over the twenty two of floral five Birgit split all that the westbound tried now it's it's forty drive slow getting through that four or five that's for sure gets a little busier brokers going over towards the crash but not too bad and even the other way around it's it's pretty good drive really coming away from the fifty five the southbound four or five now leaving this twenty two split it's getting busy as for sure going down towards the fifty five and John Wayne airport but I think you'll be a pretty good shape injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock KFI this guy it can't find this guy helps get you there faster I'm Brian auto Dodgers routed the Toronto Blue Jays sixteen at three in a game that saw home runs from AJ Pollock will Smith Max Muncie Chris Taylor and John Peterson.

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