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Side While the Democrats are doing they're spokesman Yukon Cornelius on what they've accomplished Nothing For you and your family Katie Porter When you only have two three or four producers in any market you have two big risks We're seeing the consequences of these two big risks Risk one is that one of those producers will have a supply chain disruption We'll go offline We'll shut down And the second risk is they'll be able to play scouts because they have so much market concentration So I think long-term the fix to a lot of these inflation and supply chain problems is making sure we have more producers and more competition in the market So we're not relying on just one company or one entity And how many of these are caught on tape Yeah whether it's oil companies or whatever Who is it the car company They're like you know they're gaming out what people can't do without A Kroger People are still going to have to drive And they still got to pay up their cars fixed and they still got to do it So whatever so we can charge whatever we want basically Katie Porter Particularly with food we have long understood that we need to be able to produce our own food I think the exact same thing is true about other essentials including medication and healthcare supplies And so the solution here is to make sure that there are not just one or two global companies controlling things but instead that we have a lot of different producers in different parts of the country And we have monopolies today in virtually everything There is a bread monopoly in this country And we're seeing it in the cost of loads of bread and the grocery store There's a cereal monopoly And so we just really need beef monopoly So we need to create this competition Yes Wow The answer might be more capitalism Leave a socialist like Katie Porter would suggest that I just had a name for cereal companies off the top of my head But there's four That's it If one of those goes yeah You ain't gonna get your frosted flakes Yeah that would make that last one.

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