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Talk certification is when a county tells the state that it has finished counting. And this is the final result the state than certifies the result saying every county has counted in certified there for the state now certifies that this is the final result. Most counties have certified the results. Very few counties are left out of the one hundred fifty nine counties in the state of Georgia twenty-five are outstanding Gwinnett county is one of those. Counties. Cobb County has now certified it's results. So you've got very few outstanding counties, and there are very few outstanding provisional ballots left the Abrahams campaign still contends that there are provisional ballots. Outstanding one of the things they're asking a judge to do is to allow the counting of provisional ballots that of a voter who is registered to vote, but cast the vote in a county different from the county. They're registered in there. Actually, a lot of Democrats today. See the behind the scenes over the Abrahams request, and they're hoping that the judge doesn't go her way. Okay. So here's why Democrats in Georgia are actually upset with the Abrahams requests to allow provisional ballots to be counted from people who voted in counties where they are not registered. The Democrats are convinced that Brian Kemp committed all sorts of Hanky panky in the election. Even though it's not true the counties run the election until the certification process after the election is over. So Brank hip really hasn't had anything to do with the election. If you require that counties, accept the votes of people registered to vote at other counties. Then counties are not allowed no longer to maintain their voter registration lists. They have to rely on the secretary of state's voter lists. Now, they technically do in practice. They rely on the list from the secretary of state, but everything is actually originated at the county level. And so each county only has to be responsible for its own data. If a county now has to start counting the votes of someone who actually lived in a different county. Well, then suddenly you're going to be wholly dependent on the secretary of state for your data that then does involve the secretary of state and local elections matters in. In ways. Democrats do not want the secretary of state to be involved. So it's a dangerous precedent that would actually consolidate power in the secretary of state's office, which the Democrats may actually one as they're doing all of this now to try to get John barrow elected. This really doesn't have anything to do with Stacey Abrams anymore. This is what people are failing to understand who is the only candidate the Democrats actively recruited to run for statewide office this year, John barrow, they recruited him to run for governor. They recruited him to run for secretary of state all of this is an effort in the secretary of state's run off all of this is an effort to get John barrow elected in the runoff because the Democrats believe once they control the secretary of state's office. They will be able to restore felon voting rights, which right now felons actively when they get out of jail when they're pardoned they have to go apply for, but a democrat secretary state may willingly put them all back on the roles then. That they think that he will stop removing voters from roles who haven't voted in seven years and on and on it goes all of this is about the secretary of state's office. None of this is actually about the governor's office. Stacey Abrams doesn't have the votes to win at this point..

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