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Yeah i think this could be a really good one. I said eighty-one drop dead. Gorgeous is rotten at forty six percents. I'm secretly bitch wasn't fresh in her. Follow up that's right. Sorry go ahead in her. Follow up to the critically. Acclaimed juno redder. Diablo cody tells the story of what happens. Minnesota high school after a demon takes possession of a sexy cheerleader played by megan fox. The horror comedy co-stars amanda read. Jk simmons adam brody and amy sedaris from two thousand nine jennifer's body. Oh yeah well our world over Diablo cody right. The guys remember diablo cody. She should be forced to have sex. With 'em night shamlan to give birth to someone who's born irrelevant like born past their prime like born beyond their is a concept. It's tough but fair. Tough but fair. yeah. I don't know what the alba's up to all right. Everyone loves making fox and amanda see freidan but do they love this. Mousse got a pretty good cast brian. Did you see this one. I didn't and that's a bad sign. And cody was super hot. I mean sexual. But i mean after juno she could do no wrong so it's about time for first off diablo cody's first name has to be deborah or something right like how test this fucking christian fundamentalists dad right like don't don't you. Aren't you pissed if your kid changes their name to diab the fucking devil and spanish all right. What is her real first name. Look it up. what is it brooke sprouted. Got a nice dad.

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