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When you saw that what were people talking about when that cartoon came out will a how sad it was and be unfortunately how realistic it is bling black in america and so one level meeting people were not necessarily surprise but certainly hurt about the data because oftentimes has i said we've talked about the role of class but when you start looking at children who are born to parents in the top one percent basically millionaires and in that case for black families as well in these still have likely chance of of the downward mobility in indian the bottom quintile so i think that that raises questions among my friends and colleagues saying what is it about american society what is it about our institutions what is it about racism what is it about the overall lived experience whether you'd be black male or female but certainly blackmail that is leading to these types of income gaps that we see and what as a society are we going to do about it so thinking about the labor market thinking about institutions thinking about the ways that we create support systems and mentoring systems and and so forth that are necessary to be successful dr malo andre hudson thank you so much for being with us thank you malo andrea hudson is associate professor at columbia university and director of the urban community and health quality lab and we wanted to know how does your economic situation compared to your parents.

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