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I WANNA belt murdered. Someone in pinned demand anymore thoughts on this batch. This match was gonNA. It's going to be dumb and all the right reason yeah if you're standing if you're in the front row just public service service announcement to move get out of the wet. I'm asking me and you're dumb. Just don't move there in danger apartment justice last year. It wasn't a I have a fever of matthew just because I was a watch yes tonight one night to whatever we got into what he almost got into one of those spots you could just got up was like nope. NOPE NOPE nope yeah. I still do not do this anymore. Not a small man. Don't try to divine to police. It's fun very breakable stale who knows just as might take after Jamila punching fans at the last the last event you might be high up on the list there. Can you better watch yourself sign up for this. I sit front row yeah. We've all taken. Her pumps improves to sit in front row and the longer longer you're. In front of the more likely something's GonNa Happen. I think for the ones it's a little bit of a badge of Honor Kate has his Cayden has his get kicked in the face moments heavyset. I know yet you've got into the base by people all right. I've had a couple McDonald's kicked in the face. The one that I remember clearly was Kessler Radio and across body to join Genoa right in front of me and I have a video of it and it's like you you see like the boot hit me were right right and the chest. She felt sorry about like it's fine. I was just committing to get the video by paid for it. I our entire group old. God We just Lost Summers Michael's gone again I still have by I I still have my fucked up to- from <unk> landed on me and broken at the <hes> when he wrestled Laredo. Oh Gosh at fucking night sucked so yeah she said from her fi you're listening to this and you haven't swivel yeah well head on civil. <hes> I think one of my favorite ones Kevin he <hes> one of the front row fans. This was back in terms holiday. He was like betting over like pick something up out of his bag and somebody I don't remember the match nothing someone came towards the the guardrail and his the guardrail hit his head like that saw. It's fun to laugh about now because it's obviously because he's fine but at the time it was like Oh shit you got a concussion like shit. I remember that actually well. Yes guardrails aren't fun now matched if W had no guardrails and there was one of those companies that decided to do that yeah heads better. We have them because alcohol reasons are mania. Mania was bad enough sitting in the front row Janatha all those frigging maniacs going it was terrifying. I was watching all of them. Someone's No one's GonNa get in the ring if they did that. Somebody would probably want to get the ring because you don't have to worry about jumping guard guardrails. Not there instead you try to climb in the ring. It's yet to accessible hit your knee on the sign during it sucks at times. It's not fun all right. Let's get into the our third match. We're GONNA preview and we're sticking with title matches because hey all the real well then all three title matches around the card. We have the A it w absolute title match filthy Tom Lawler with his first title defence versus Manse Warner these fantastic I I'll defense I am until now I forgot that this is going to be content rules rules. You're GONNA have the Duke Ringside the flux going to happen. What do you think Rick <hes> hopefully at some point in the match Tom Lawler? I'll get his hands on the Duke because we all WanNa see that because fuck the duke. Nobody likes that guy but I can't fuck them up to bed because he has somewhere to be on Saturday. No I'm okay with the he can. He can come limping into that place. <hes> manses completely over with the w faithful amine we a frequent love bands and I would venture to say that most of US freaking lawler as well. It's kind of interesting because it's one of these ones where manse can can wrestle yet and man's can do the crazy shit like that you know the nick gage breaking light tubes the staple in your your face to somebody else to needy or whatever the hell that that stuff all was. We've seen lawler. Do some crazy stuff with Tom but he's more of a you know US himself as a weapon Kinda guy or Harrap is R- <unk> around arms around your neck and squeezed until you head POPs gazette so I don't know what I don't know what style we're going to see. I you know I don't know if we're GONNA see baller use weapons on the man's. Try to wrestle so it's a big question mark to me but it's all notes every forget fantastic. What are you kidding? There's more turn into a fight. It's going to be fun. Don't get me wrong again. There's a factor the weapons to and there's also the duke factor which has been brought up Manson's coming off the momentum of beating Kingston at Gauntlet which they wanNA callistus. He's technically the first person outside of Otani to be Kingston year so that's something well yeah Azazel be a war at rightfully so with these two fucking competitors filthy. Tom Is just that dude who is downright bad ass and he's been w faithful his whole time he hasn't been here as as long as you would think what. We're at two three years to two years. That's not really that log. If you want to think about it two years champ that will I'm in two years and then becoming champion who who else is take him at fucking road even page heat donald or the only to the I can think yeah I think I'm just thinking of previous absolute champions and I'm not even counting the other ones. I guess you could be within the first year or so maybe one or the other ones with absolute. I even think Alexander it was a lie. What about what about the we just talked about him hot sauce but though I think I was a little bit over two years yeah I was closer to three? I think that was or maybe even longer because he was he was tagged tagging awhile to like eating when about all last year <hes> debuted in twenty fifty so you don't have to be just dunston page which I mean that's good company to be in. That's meanwhile you do title range for those two those to the most. They're both three-time think see this is where we need the other Encyclopedia Wadsworth. I'm going to fact check myself here. Hold on a second but I'm pretty sure it is three but I just need to cutting going back to where you were saying Rick. The thing is about like man's. He's been over as Fox since day one the incoming in A._i.. W Like I'll never forget the show that he debuted in he was over it almost instantly and it's been the same ever since men's gets over wherever he goes. I haven't seen bad reaction. Demands Warner anywhere on any of these INDIES HAL even M._S._w.. Where people may or may not I know who he is? He's just he's he's over everywhere. He deserves it. I mean he's Oh yeah forget great manses. I would probably say top. I'm GonNa say just through what I'm thinking about like top three. There might be more the top three like instantly loved wrestlers and I'm pulling here. I'm putting him up there with space monkey and as tag team putting them as one as peony. I've never I've never seen a bit like P._m.. Is the one in particular that I've seen them debut in two different markets besides w and people just fell in love with them instantly so I don't I don't. I don't think that happens many place especially especially at W.. Because there's been a lot of times when we had this has been talked about where like Kate. Can you remember when Josh Alexander debuted in. It was Kinda like we don't know if we like your hate. You get walls like show us what you've got and like that first match because I'd rewatching edge Schori's only point yeah. It is time like this nice golf clamp type reaction for yeah I think at the end of the match like he proved all right good. This is awesome like Clap Ethan page two eight to use those two together because you know how connected they are computer thing like three or four months at each other but I'm saying with Ethan page. It was kind of the same thing him coming out girls night out show pre show match against airline and yeah that's against their grand match was what announced the day that you before or the day off day before yeah. It's what I was thinking started following really so. I can't tell you about the match announcement but he was another dude like instincts of okay. We'll see what you got. He and he came up a lot of confidence and by the end of the match like my looks at now with w well loved and it's got on from there on related note I was correct both Johnston even three time absolute champions and that's the most yet no one else is real ruin. KOMO's everybody's a one one or air grind has to okay so filthy stonewaller and man's Warner. It's GonNa be a fun what I'm going to be tired. Fuck by the time that match goes but fund nonetheless all right. We're going wanting to go into a quick commercial break. Be Right back and we're going to go over the rest of the car..

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