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One was six point seven caracas scary q it's kevin being show at twenty two minutes after seven o'clock i had some uh some friends from washington in town for mardi gras a couple of weeks ago and like you do you know you want to show him around from a good time in showing your city in a take him out to a couple of nice meals in in we went up to a dinner on a saturday night at the puncturing hotel which is a historic place from a bill in the 1920s on st charles avenue and i'm pan you know sure like you do and we got the meals which are not inexpensive but i was so shocked when the bill came because the other three people at my party had all ordered multiple drinks uh yes that's reading outta i'm not a drinker you're lucky because this also get you into this kind of trouble as well but go ahead you're naira ha i have not a a drinker at i guess i was surprised to find out that alcohol at a nice restaurant is not inexpensive we have line no it was extracts matrix rocca and it it added up fast man i think i didn't i didn't break it down but i i wouldn't be surprised if the amount of alcohol was way more than the amount of the food for that dinner now we just so too and i was really a i was really surprised by that and that's why i have a little bit of sympathy with what happened to jay z the other night when he was out celebrating a birthday i mean jay z though paid for his own liquor that was his own brand yeah he was buying drinks that were then going right back into his pocket ciao he kept us sorry for a yeah he trout more than a hundred and ten thousand dollars for the birthday of his close friend one og perez he's the head of iraq nation and at one point they went to dinner that tab was.

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