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You can be the most You can be the fastest guy in the world I used to tell guys we got into college. They come coming in a million miles an hour like guy. You need to relax a little bit that little that little black talk to that were chasing around. It's really important. And if you're going a million miles an hour at all times you're not going to have success So yeah it's very very fast. But there's no nothing like replicating an nhl game not as fast in the in the sense that guys were running around all over the place With the talent level is just next level and the smarts are crazy. What about the physical parts of checking all that. Is it that much harder harder to the right word but is that part of the game is just that much more physical. I mean the guys are bigger faster. Stronger yeah i. It's more physical. Only to me. The biggest thing for for people to realize and the biggest thing i was now i found making the nhl easier. Make in junior hockey. The way that i was i was built. I i was smaller guy But for guys that coming up that that has success in junior Or the nc double a. The big thing is is the size. I mean you go in and and you're playing you know. Nc double a. You might go into the nineteen year old. You're planning a twenty year old or twenty one year old right. You're walking into the nhl twenty year olds. You might play a thirty five year old. That's a man. I mean he he. He's a man it's not a it's not a boy even though you're fast and you're strong and your whatever you there's something about man's strength and that was the biggest thing and walk into the locker rooms and playing against those guys The man's strength is something that just can't be duplicated until you get in there and figure a way around it and the way in an experience Anytime experienced a. Yeah just have to learn to to learn that nuance of the game. So that's the biggest thing for me is just man's strength You're playing against men. Are we seeing that now with some of these guys that are being drafted. Let's say top ten top fifteen picks and they're not i mean it's rare to see like a connor mcdavid or somebody committed even when crosby came in. There's so much hype on these guys and the expectations are so high that they're just not able to fulfil them right away. Is it part of it. Just they're not physically ready law. Yeah that's the. Yeah i think when you look at guys getting drafted you know very few guys probably the nfl nba where you draft the guy you know fifth overall or third overall they walk right in your lineup. And i'm a big football fan. You can draft a quarterback third overall sitting for year. He's not even playing and in the nfl. We don't expect them to play..

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