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Gets a little. It's a little wild but you know. Sometimes you're like this is too much tara but the whole cast is great mary. The whole cast of that show patent oswald l. rosemary rosemary. Dewitt is phenomenal. I love yeah yes. Brie larson is so good john. Corbett is so john carpet. Mary yeah the little gay son lionheart heart. He did he broke my heart. Roque my heart She's a sign. Look at those things. So i don't know if he like comes out but he's you know he's he's you know he's you know. Oh eddie izzard was in it for eight episodes. Yeah a hammett. Mamat whatever hitchcock. He's he's was davis. Only davis is in it girl. It's it's diablo. Cody francis conroy. I mean why was this was a show. I thought it hits. You watch how to get away with murder to watch my davison television. Look at this yeah she. She's in season three francis conway. Oh and frank conroy. Oh my god look at this. Look at pamela regis for four episodes. I love pamela reed So i think that this is a show that you could kind of dive into. And i gotta say mary. The episodes are only thirty minutes. Okay and you know honestly. The other two season two is done. I think working progresses last episode of season two is today. So i've got gaps got gaps in my schedule so i could watch some united states of tara all right mary. Yeah diablo cody. I can't say enough. Good things about this script. And i think pairing her with karen kasama is. I mean this is what you get. I think they should do something together again. Absolutely i was was because i didn't know that she directed it and so when she popped up i was like oh yeah love you i know you i mean yeah for anyone who we talked about it on. Right scary last year on matriarch on But for anyone who hasn't seen the invitation. This halloween season do not deprive yourself. The invitation is so fucking good and caring slow-burn yes it's a slow burn and so well directed for sure. Yeah the this movie. Obviously a little bit lighter because it's a satire but still scary. And i gotta say. Mary's that seen the eight six seven five three. Oh nine scene is horrifying. Oh yes you don't feel good after there were. There was kind of a last house on the left quality to all of that of like. Oh god i know this isn't gonna end well and i just have to stay in the scene until it's you know. Oh god yeah they. It dragged on. 'cause they don't starts doubting or until the chorus like it's awful awful. Yeah but you don't see any knives going. In her they don't show any gratuitous nudity. Violence saw right. I appreciate it. I don't think there is nudity in this movie easing. I think that we get some even get partial nudity. We don't even get.

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