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But I think I got a couple of days off. I can always just rest. Listen, there is that But whatever. Whenever we go out with our friends, I never get to talk. I know. It's like I talk all week. We go out with our friends, and I just kind of sitting, Okay? Okay. But no, that's a good move that that life I do a lot of listening. My wife talks it. It's it's It's great. I I kind of sit around and sit back and go. OK, I I talk a lot. So now you know what That That is true, though, for a lot of us that do radio Ah, that lot of sitting around. I mean, talk to Ben Mallory. He bloviates for four hours a night after us Sunday through Thursday on the network. Ah, he's he's quiet as a mouse. I'm a citizen, too in content you me with sentence, stare at each other and watch games and eat. Yeah, and let everybody else talk. Eventually it's going to help because later in life when I'm doing these things, I'll be able to catch a nap. I'll be like, okay. No, it's okay. I could just close my eyes real fastest fur. I'll have to wear resting my eyes. I'm just well, it was like in city slickers when Billy Crystal goes What do you doing? You're pretending to sleep at my party. Is she around? No, She's not okay, pretending to sleep. Don't have to talk to his. Ah, but The mantle of best player in Major League Baseball has now gone from Randy Rosa Raina to Corey Seager, who is now hitting over 400 the NLCS, his second home run of the night. The Dodgers put up three in the six and three more in the seventh. They lead the Braves now 7 to 2. As the Braves come to bat in the bottom of the seventh inning, the Dodgers getting two innings from Blake trying and Pedro Baez pitching struck out a couple. They're going to do this with tape and glue and and try to make it fast, another three innings and try to navigate their way to get to Game six, but clearly the Dodgers with a lot of breathing room, and I'll tell you This game changed with the play in the third inning in which we watched Marcel Ozuna take off early from third on a sacrifice fly fast, and he never moved instead, instead of three, nothing Atlanta The play was appealed because he clearly left early and I'm waiting to hear his answer following the game. I'm sure he's going to say something to the effect of he thought. The ball wasn't caught cause Mookie Betts comes in and makes a shoestring catch. The ball is kind of on the ground. Or his glove is in contact with the ground but was a clear cat, and he just kind of got caught and He scores because the throw home is not nearly close enough, but, hey, he left early, and it was an easy appeal. So instead of three nothing, it's too nothing. The inning ends. Joe Kelly gets to leave the mound. Smirking going. Hell, yeah. And then Seeger with a leadoff homer in the top of the fourth inning. And since that moment, it's like the Dodgers relaxed. They've been getting big swings and good swings on Braves pitching, and so here they are. Seven to that was the That was the moment that turned this game from this could be a Braves runaway into here Come the Dodgers. Well, because now we don't really get to talk about the greatness of these starting pitching that the Dodgers face. It was all about Minter. Not meant Minter three innings Pitch. One hit seven strikeouts, zero walks off 42 pitches, 27 of them over for strikes. It was a work of brilliance and a lot of hand wringing for Dodger fans wondering, Okay, how's this going to work is Dustin May he only gave you two and then you saw Joe Kelly. And everybody as they came back from the commercial breaks at what the hell's Joe Kelly doing on the mountain on then you start pushing from there. And, you know, the old adage is something at Farmer used to talk about quiet quite awhile was, you know, working with the lead? You know all the runs that you you pile on. You know you've got the lead, but there's something about the psychological effect of an extra run right? That mountain gets a little bit steeper for the opponent to climb. And perhaps you know, you could. You could put out an extinguished that fire a little bit. Yeah, Yeah, we see big were being comebacks. Now and again in major league baseball, But it changes the philosophy and what they're trying to do with the plate and certainly what they're trying to do on the mound. And you know you get the big blow here from Seger to on the night on again. The explosion across here in Los Angeles Everybody busted out gone. I still got fireworks left. I still got fireworks left. So you know you could hear the pops. In the in the sky with the window open here on a Friday night, knowing there's still a lot of baseball to be played on a lot of potential chaos, but for the moment with a pitching change in the offing The Dodgers clinging to that five run lead. S O. Yeah, As we say, because you never know, because Fernando Valenzuela might have to come in and pitched the eighth inning Dodgers so it could be that kind of situation, but well, if you believe the birthdays, he may be young enough. Well, yeah, that's true, But you never know. You never know that He was 20 Eso Dodgers Braves. It is still 72 Braves batting now in the bottom of the seventh inning. We'll keep you posted on this game and clearly look, the will Smith vs Will Smith Moment is something that will live forever? Will Smith of the Dodgers Against Will Smith of the Braves. Baseball fans have been waiting for this moment and look the Earth kind of opened up and and and we saw the demo. Gordon come out. Will Smith, three run homer off of Will Smith. I mean, that's about as good as you can get a moment in baseball right there, Which is what really turned things on for the Dodgers, giving them the four to lead..

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