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Warning here that politics as usual and that tradition and that seniority are not as important as they had been in years past diane feinstein uh you came to washington twenty two years ago um it's it's it's a long time it's uh something that we glad the math right i might be up on that isn't even more than matched came to washington 1992 so that's a lot longer than that if she were reelected not only with her last couple of years would she'd be in her 90s should would have been the longestserving california senator in history longer than hiram johnson in wall it's easy to dismiss his cause find style has never been particularly popular with the party activists who vote on this she's much more popular sort of mainstream or more conservative democrats that said i think that in the year that um you know we're looking at the first the second you're now the donald trump administration nothing's free include anybody anything at this point can happen in politics mark the real question here is a the democrats heading there tea party or trumper moment where somebody from inside the party takes control the party away from the people have always run it what kevin keegan yogi you know some wild man you know radical either 'em he is a mainstream democrat himself having been in the state senate for awhile um so it it it's not even extreme necessarily stand as the tea party but i do think democrats are sending a warning that you know there are a lot law democrats who believe had bernie sanders in the nominee he'd be president of the party a prison the country right now you can make a lot of strong arguments against that but yes there is a tea party moment going on any of this is one of the ways that democracy works there's no question this has an effect on senator feinstein the fact that she has been very outspoken lately about donald trump the fact that.

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