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Professor, Chen, American University Washington College Of Law discussed on Bloomberg Law


To investors securities fraud that's a basic b five claim for fraud in connection with the purchase or sale of a security and a bond certainly as a security so the fcc could go down the fraud route war with brokers and the big banks have brokerage arms they're required to maintain proper books and records and so if there's any falsification in the books and records that could be another avenue and of course the prosecutors and we've seen them do this they have that wonderful tool of theirs called the wire fraud statute uh any the email that where to contain false information can be the basis of a wire fraud claims so the government has some pretty powerful tools that can be used to police the market it's just a matter of putting the cases together which is the real challenge in this area thanks as always are being on bloomberg law that's professor peter henny of wayne state university law school and now turning to other legal news the united states versus at t the trial to block at t from buying time warner will begin on march nineteen accounts of lawyers will face off in a federal courthouse in washington dc where the stakes are high and the personalities are high powered joining me to discuss the trial or jennifer ries senior litigation analysts for bloomberg intelligence and jonathan baker a professor at american university washington college of law chen did at t you lose on a trial date because the judge said that he would not be likely to have a decision by the deadline in the company's merger agreement you know i i still think that at t did fairly well without trial date because first of all it's much closer to the date they had suggested than the date the doj was looking for and.

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