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I it doesn't want to be tossed around. My toss tossed Petoskey. You're doing a couple. I mean, the only time I was like when you I've run into people who like if you if they've been like a be like if they've been physically abused? They don't want to male or female, and like for me, obviously, it was male. So that was and you know, you got to find that out the hard way, and that's because sometimes night, but that's why you back and. Fast. But yet what's also weird because I remember sent a great, and it's hard to be on like feminist podcast. We're we're talking about consent a lot and can send its forces perfect. But I don't want people asking me fucking questions. She got dudes got to learn to read things. When you say, can you kiss me? Can you do this grow knowing and Andrea Niagara, I and that's what I told him and also I'm exaggerating but everybody wanted to be fucking tossed around. But people do want people who know what the folks going on I to work. So you do have to be able to read a human being not everybody is wanting the same fucking thing. But nobody from what I've walked around and gathered nobody wants that. And I guess you all might do this. Do you like it if there's no woman alive? Exactly didn't rom coms a lot. The guy will say can I kiss you? And I hate that line. At makes me like it makes like chills in a bad way. Dotty idiots. We are capable of reading vibes. And you don't get your head out of the goddamn clouds for one second. You too can feel what the fuck bottom who are socially inept, though. Because like, obviously come media, and you can meet them every day, the green room like, you know. And so I think it's just like, you know, I feel like I'm like more like a regular like we're I think we're all regular especially for comedians like we're pretty like normal. But everyone's not like that. I really don't I really think people do have trouble. I mean, have has anyone ever ever had a crush on you for a long time when you were like, obviously, not interested like that's reading one like really, I don't think I'm really no poker face. Like, I'll be like, I don't like you and like, but that's tractive you'll want. So of course, attractive to people. I know it's like, I really am very clear clear, but people like that there's some people that are like fuck this lady really hates. I wanted. Oh, yeah. Want to challenge? She she'd thinks so little of me that it turns me on. Oh, God men are confusing. Everybody women, I go another thing. I just you really you really..

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