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He was top eleven at the physician at the position every other week coming into that game that guy is just outstanding high floor high ceiling elites sailing, he's playing eighty four percent of the offensive snaps this season that foul or excuse me. The Rams averaging three point seven ofensive touchdowns per game. Which is just ridiculous. And yeah, the lines have been better against the run as of late. Since they added snacks Harrison inside. But you also girly averaging almost five target game. So even if he's in less efficient than usual. I mean, he's averaging almost five yards per carry. Even if that's down a little bit. He makes up for it with outstanding work as a pass catcher in this elite off. And so what can you say? I mean, the guy is a an elite fantasy option got two people that are frustrated right now with the way the James CONNER has been utilized over the past couple of games. Mike you confident you can get things going in. What is a massive game on Sunday night. What a great Sunday night way to wrap up that week thirteen late chargers and Steelers game is being played in Pittsburgh. What do think about James Connor? Yeah. It could be a playoff preview for sure there should be a very exciting. Actually the way I've projected I think they would play in the first round of the playoffs. So Mozambique a preview for sure. Yeah. Connor struggled since pretty much since love EON bell said he wasn't coming back. Right. I think that's just a coincidence. He's been outside the top twenty running backs in in three straight games. But the plane times been good. He's been on the field. Eighty seven percent of the time the past two weeks. He's handling ninety two percent of the carries. And. Thirteen percent of the targets during the span still averaging four and a half yards per carry this season and over nine yards per catch. The Steelers offense ranks fourth in place per game and fifth in touchdowns per game at three and a half this season. It's just a very high volume offense. He's a huge part of it. And I think this was just a little bit of a blip. I think we'll get back on track. Okay. Good news there for James Connor again. I cannot wait for that game on Sunday night. Tyler Lockett, Mike has been unbelievable. But one of the problems with it with Tyler Lockett production is so much of. It is touchdown dependent. Are you at all convince it can sustain once more. Yeah. Every year. There's always that long list. It starts early in the season. Guys have unsustainable production production, and those guys just disappear in the list, get smaller and smaller, and there's always like one or two left at the end of the year that defies logic like Julio Jones last year this year, it's Eric Brown. And it's Tyler Lockett who just can't seem to come back to earth. I mean, look at lock it this season his targets by game five five six four two three four six five seven and four. I mean that is loaf. Six targets per game. He's been third on the team in targets over the past month. But is an eighty four percent catch rate. He's averaging thirteen yards per target. I mean feel the fifty first and p receiver. It's unreal. The efficiency that is carried him. This season is OT or is expected. Touchdown total based on his usage two point seven that says he should have to or the average player would have two to three touchdowns. He has eight this season. He's caught all six of his endzone targets. Can't sustain that. Only. One. Additional target inside the ten. Yes. The forty Niners have struggled against the pass. It helps him five of the past six receiver units. Face have been top twelve. So you do like the match up, but I have a hard time banking on guys that have so little volume..

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