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Really lincoln. Dunk efficient passer. He's more getting some big chunks. So being able to run the football which they should be able to do with their offensive line and with jonathan taylor and then to be able to take some big shots down the field. They haven't been able to keep parris campbell healthy. I think you could fill some of that with his speed. But he's probably even more of a lack of a better phrase a gadget guy. Just get him bubbles and get him going. I would think for me them. Trying to find true over the top guy would be something they looked at here in the offseason. So here's what stands out to me about everything that you said. Because i'm hearing you as a as i'm hearing you describe what the indianapolis colts can do. My mind goes back to how carson wentz played at north dakota state have gone back and we look at high played at north dakota state. Even though he was the man they didn't necessarily run the sense through him. He was a cock of the wheel meaning. They ran the football. They did play actions. They took shots. And i think where it can go around for carson. Wentz is when you're trying to throw the ball thirty five to forty times. I think if you put them in a sweet spot where the game is heavy play action. We're pushing it vertically so fewer attempts but more bang for the buck. Maybe he's averaging eight plus yards per attempt and he is getting those chunk. Plays too big michael pittman on those big deepens or parris campbell. Or someone over the top on those gurus plays better because jonathan taylor and the ability to run the football and flash fake it to legitimate threat in the backfield. That's something that he didn't have in philadelphia even when we're talking about that. Mvp type season. They've never had a dominant running game. That came at you where defensively you had to say. Hey we gotta stop this big time running back with this office alive from crushing us. We gotta drop someone in the box so now. The game is easier for the quarterback because you have one on one match ups outside. You're seeing more single hat coverage. And so frank. Reich can rebuild the confidence by making a game simpler easier and maybe asking into do less and get more a result of it. I'm gonna tell you who the big winner is in this for the colts and i don't know if people looking at from the standpoint the big winner in this trade is john taylor because if you think about his running style and now you think about the threat of using carson wentz pulling the ball on some of the zone reed and doing different things and having to account for him on the backside even just on a simple frontside play your backside and you've got to count for carson coming out the back door you. You're going to hold for now. You've got a speed power back who's a one cut and go guy and now you have now because of carson's ability as a runner into sprinkle that in you're gonna be able to hold guys for just account and with his size speed..

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