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Welcome. Back my friends I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I think I need to go back to my Mo- par roots for those of you who haven't heard my story yet I'll give you the cliff notes my first memories of Mo- Pars were of my dad's in one thousand, nine, hundred, five, Dodge Daytona Turbo Z and his custom nineteen, seventy, five, dodge tradesman short van, both of them were black and both made a huge impression on me as a kid it's been over twenty years since I've seen that van in, it's never left my mind. I still think that it's the coolest Van I've ever seen actually think about it a lot and To put it bluntly, I don't think my Mo- part life will ever be complete until I get a book van of my own. So I know I'll never be able to replace my dad's van but just like his dart I like to find a van because getting one would mean that I've managed to replace all the Mo Pars in our family that have gotten away. Now I don't know if any of you have tried looking for seven Era Dodge van lately, but they aren't exactly easy to find and when you do find him at least when I do they aren't really what I'm looking for or they're just crazy expensive I, mean more expensive than they. Need to be I'll tell you that it's pretty ridiculous. You think more muscle cars are expensive. Go try and find a dodge. Boogie van. Okay. They're crazy. The most important thing about this podcast for me has been the number of Kumo par folks that I've made connections with because of it, and who I now consider to be my friends one of those cool people who I consider to be a friend as my buddy. Stacey Stacey, reached out to me way back in January and said he. Heard me talking about vans on the show and mentioned that he actually had a dodge van that he would be willing to sell to me. He said that he tried to sell with no luck and it's been sitting for like the past three years. But at the time, I, really didn't think much of it because I wasn't considering the fact that if I actually got van I would have my own book van and I customize it like my dad did his back in the day but. Stacy's band is orange and was actually wants a ready camp conversion van that has since been gutted. So it has no windows other than the two on the back doors and obviously the ones up front. But as a cool bonus, it does have the typical Boogie van Porthole Windows, and in my book just makes the look of the van. It also has one of those vents in the roof towards the rear and a sunroof in the front. So basically, it's the perfect platform to build A. Book of my own and quick story on the van is that Stacey's friend was in poor health and was selling off some of his moped collection stacey ended up with this van and some other Kumo part stuff and since he is knee deep in rebuilding his Kuta right now, he knew that he wasn't going to get around to it anytime soon. So he would be willing to find a good home and he asked me but it's not running at the moment and it's got a seven twenty-seven. Attached to the three eighteen, that's leaking and seen better days. So it's going to need a transmission or some transmission work but stacey sent me a bunch of pictures and the thing is pretty Dang solid considering its age and the fact that has been sitting for a few years you know it's not a complete rob box. There are a couple small issues but for the most part it is solid and that's what I'm looking for in a van because I'd like to have a platform that's. Pretty Straight, you know the paint's oxidized but hopefully, with a little elbow grease, we can get that paint to shine. Once again to be honest with you I've had so much going on this year and with the stupid virus complicating life even more I completely forgot about stacy having that man and offering it to me for a good price at actually wasn't until recently when our old pal Johnny Mo posted a really cool looking pro street van and said that it made him. WanNa van that I. Saw Stacey comment about his van and saying he's willing to sell it. Of course being the Mo- part vulture that I am I swooped in and just like that my desire to have a van was reignited and since Janis Post I can't stop thinking about stacy's Van I reached back out to him and we're trying to work something out. But hopefully sooner rather than later. But other than wanting to complete my little collection classic Mo-, Park The van would make a great haller and since I. Plan on taking talking. Mo- pars on the road in the future it would make the perfect home away from home in mobile talking low parts podcast studio I thought that would be really cool but I've spent so much time travelling and camping advance when I was a kid that even as creepy as some people think, these vans are to me vans bring back some of the fondest and best memories of my childhood and I could think of no better mode of transportation for the most part hunter. To shows outside of my area than accustomed Dodge van another plus side is the fact that actually be able to use the van as a tow vehicle for my daughter or my truck if I ever needed to so needless to say the reasons for me getting the van far outweigh the reasons why I shouldn't and my wife hating vans being one of those reasons. Sorry Babe I know that you hate vans but no I love you and I'm a Mope As such I, need a Mo- part van in my life. The truth is that. This. Deal is sentenced on yet because somebody else could just go in swoop in and by the van from Stacey which would suck for me but. You know I believe in first-come-first-served that said I. Have My sights set on stacy's Van and I'm going to do everything I can to get it I just don't know when that's going to happen. So that's what's been on my Mo- parked in mind as of late and not. For those of you wondering I definitely haven't forgotten about the projects that I have in my garage right now being the DART and my truck. But since being reminded of the Van, I'm actually super motivated to get these projects going and moving along. So what I'm in the process of coming up with is the plans for my projects and the cash to get this van but that's the name of the game for a Mo-, Park. Guy Like me as I'm sure many of you can relate to that I'm sure there are plenty out there listening who feel the same way about Mo- parts that I do the amount of Mo powers that sucks to have is not having enough. So we're always trying to add more to the collection. All right friends. Now that I've told you all my secret plans please don't tell my wife. Let's get this show on the road..

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